The New Matte Lipstick Line That Won't Dry out Your Lips ...


Charlotte Tillbury released a new line of lipsticks that are meant to keep you looking fashionable without drying out your pretty lips. They each cost $32, which is a low price for something so innovative. Glamour brought our attention to some of the most gorgeous lip colors in the new line, and here they are:
color,face,brown,beauty,eye, If that didn't get you excited, here's a bonus video of a woman putting on the new lipstick:

Those colors would look great on an autumn evening! Which one of them do you like the best?

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I agree with Megarth it did not look Matte

Tarte has a matte lipstick that's actually very good and moisturizing! I highly recommend tarte!

For 32 plus tax: you can buy a Chapstick or Vaseline and a cheap lipstick.

Not Matt

The reviews are alright on these lipsticks. If you look at actual swatches, you tell they may be drying to some.

$32 ... Low? Lol

I love this line of lipsticks but I definitely won't be paying $32 for it, I'll stick to MAC & TopShop

Well that's only what it says. Wait till u try it and be disappointed.

I'll be damned if I spend that much on lipstick! No thanks, I'll stick to Revlon.

Are these cruelty free?

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