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Calling all Muggles, Pure-Bloods, Wizards, Witches and Merpeople! I have some news for my Harry Potter fans! LA Splash cosmetics just came out with a line of liquid lipsticks! Say what?! Yes, you read that right! The best part? You don't have to travel through Platform 9 3/4 or go down to the Leaky Cauldron to Diagon Alley to get this magical potion! Though some names have been changed, you can get all 12 of these Harry Potter inspired colors through LA Splash! Check it out!

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SIRIUS (Deadly Nightshade)

SIRIUS (Deadly Nightshade)







BELLATRIX (Bella Donna)

BELLATRIX (Bella Donna)




ALASTOR (Livius)

ALASTOR (Livius)


SEVERUS (Severo)

SEVERUS (Severo)







GINNY (Gigi)

GINNY (Gigi) Aren't these colors just magical? Which would you use to conjure the most wicked love spell?

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Sorry ladies, but, blue lipstick is not attractive on anyone. Unless your in theater, or something like that?

Definitely not worth ordering. They're super drying and apply patchy with pigment. Not worth it at all, especially with shipping. I'll stick to my kvd and melt lipsticks for my lips. These are now just decorative pieces in my makeup area. I don't know how long they'll have the names anyway, since they're being threatened legally left right and center over copyright issues, it'll only be a matter of time before jkr or warner bros take action

Love ginnie/Gigi

Jackie, why would I be unhappy with my photos? I clearly enjoyed it at the time. I don't know what lipstick has to do with tattoos or piercings, but I'm happy with those too. If I wanted it at some point, why would I be unhappy with it later? Even if I didn't enjoy It anymore, it made me happy then. I've been enjoying bright lipsticks for 10+ years, and I'm incredibly happy looking at old photos and my tattoos/piercings. I also have bright ever changing colored hair and have a steady career. But thanks for the unsolicited life advice. :)

Yeah, some people regret their decisions but why do anything in life if you may regret it in the future? Will I regret wearing bright lipstick? Maybe. Will I regret marrying this guy? Maybe. I'd rather be daring in this one life than wish I did. Some people love having tattoos and enjoy them. Sure I'd regret a shit tattoo too. Sure I look back at photos and wonder "why did I overly pluck my eyebrows into thin gross sperm brows? Why did I do that" etc. Though, lipstick and tattoos are not the same. Lipstick comes off, a tattoo does not. It depends on the level of commitment that person has to getting a tattoo and maybe they should have thought it through. I don't understand why it's jackie's way or the highway. We all live differently. I wore green eyeliner once and I regret it. So what, I laugh at it now. Those girls getting tattoos and piercings should have known that once they got it, they can't go back.

At alyx. You'll look back on photos with green or blue lips& ask yourself, why did I wear that? At my salon, there are so many people trying to cover up tattoos and piercings marks. Especially, brides, or, ppl that can't wear blue hair to a job. You'll see!

Purple lipstick is probably my favourite lipstick colour. KVD Ayesha, Echo, and Requiem are my favourite. Though, I wish I could pull off a dark blue lipstick. They look awesome on dark skin tones

They are super expensive for a pretty drying formula. The KVD and Stila are probably the best liquid lipsticks

Well said @Alyx. X

Well said Taylor. I have a lot of "spur of the moment" tattoos, but I don't regret them. I look at them and see how 5 years ago my favorite band released a song that I loved so I got the album art tattooed. I don't really like the band anymore, but it's something I absolutely loved 5 years ago, so I don't regret it. I wanted it so badly I paid nearly 1000$ on it. It looks good, despite me not being into the band anymore. It's a memory of who I was and what I loved then. I'll never regret something that I once loved. Even if i got married and divorced, I wouldn't regret the marriage, I wanted it badly at one point, I'll regret the heartbreak of the divorce but that's it. But with lipstick or even tattoos or piercings, its not even permanent. You can get tattoos removed. You can get surgery to remove the scar from a piercing. You can also wipe lipstick off. But I looove bright lipstick. If I went to work with bare lips, my coworkers would probably ask me what the hell is wrong with me. When I'm in between dyes and my hair is blonde, everyone goes "hurry up and Dye your hair you don't look like the happy you". I'd regret not taking chances than taking them. It's a lipstick. It's fun. It's pretty and when I'm old id regret not doing wearing bold lipstick and clothing more than I would doing it. I mean really, if the only thing that I'm regretting in 30 years is my lipstick choice from 30-50 years ago, than woo-hoo I've had a pretty damn good lucky life. When I'm old i won't regret anything that made me happy. I will regret hurting people, or missed opportunities, but I won't regret the small things that made me happy like my hair, piercings, tattoos or lipstick. I don't want to be unhappy when I'm old, and I don't understand people who do. I don't understand why people freak out about how they might regret it when they're 80. It's like why are you thinking about your life when you're 80, you're not even 40 yet. Why bother living your life scared of what 80 year old you will like or not, when you don't even know if you'll live that long? I apologize for the length of this or any errors /repeats. I can't see what I'm typing anymore, the app glitched and the bar went away.

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