8 Essential Makeup Accessories ...

Thereโ€™s one thing that we often forget when it comes to makeup โ€“ that we need the right accessories to make the most of our cosmetics. Funnily enough, we think nothing of spending $20 on a lipstick, yet wouldnโ€™t dream of spending that much on a brush. The correct tools will help us make the most of our products, so here are some essential makeup accessories.

1. Tweezerman Tweezers

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Price: $20 at sephora.com
A pair of perfectly groomed brows frames a face, and for that we need a pair of really good tweezers. Cheap ones simply wonโ€™t do the job, so invest in a quality pair. Tweezerman are regarded by makeup artists as a top brand โ€“ and they should know!

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