8 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag ...


8 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag ...
8 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag ...

Essentials for your makeup bag are the items that you just have to carry with you at all times. For different girls those items vary, and that is okay! I made this list of the top 8 things to carry with you because carrying your entire makeup inventory with you everywhere you go would be absolutely ridiculous. So here are my 8 essentials for your makeup bag, and I hope you like them!

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To start off the list of essentials for your makeup bag, we have a compact. I like to keep a compact with me for touch ups throughout the day. If you have oily skin, this will help erase some of that. This could be a colored compact or a translucent powder for those who just use foundation. But go ahead and leave the foundation at home. No need to reapply your makeup, you only need to maintain it.



Eyeliner has a tendency to wear off or smudge sometimes, so having a little liner on hand is a good idea. What you should leave at home is the liquid eyeliner and mascara. If you did a good liquid or gel top liner in the morning, and a good coat of mascara, you should be fine and not need to reapply.



Blush can give your cheeks a nice healthy glow towards the end of the day. If you have naturally rosy cheeks, then you can go ahead and leave this at home - just know that I am super jealous of you! But for the rest of us, applying a little touch up blush can keep us looking fresh faced and glowing till the end of the day.



I can never leave my house without Chapstick. I apply it generously throughout the day to keep my lips healthy. I also use it as a base for my lipstick. Or you can just buy tinted ones and use those instead. Which ever you prefer, you should always have a Chapstick on hand.



If you have dry skin, this is an absolute must. Having lotion on hand keeps your skin hydrated especially during the colder months, and keeps your skin from cracking. Who would want that? If you don't have such dry or sensitive skin, I still recommend having some, and it could even be scented if you'd like. It will give you a bit of moisture and fragrance in one!


Hand Sanitizer

So this one is more for health reasons, but it is still something I keep on hand. Being a university student, I know that germs lurk everywhere, so hand sanitizer is a life saver. I keep a little refillable one in my bag at tall times, and refuse to leave my house without it.


Perfume Sample

If you don't have a fragranced lotion, then I suggest carrying a small perfume sample in your bag. Apply a spritz throughout the day to keep smelling good and fresh. Be careful not to overdue it though. Too much perfume is never a good thing, so just be mindful.


Mints or Gum

Just another thing I always have with me. Pop a mint or a piece of gum after a meal to keep your breath in check. I could think of only a few things worse than talking to someone and having your lunch still on your breath - yuck! In order too make sure that doesn't happen, carry a pack of breath refreshers in your bags, girls. You'll thank me later.

So there you have it! These are my makeup bag essentials at the moment. But what are yours? What are the things you can't leave your house without? Also, what are some of your favorite products to have?

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What about an eyelash curler?? I always have one!

I never thought or mints or gum

Chapstick is definitely a must have! Whether I'm wearing gloss, color, or keeping it natural

I like some gloss too :)

Headache medicine for sure, comb/brush

Already carry all of those

I always forget the mints\gum

Always Have A Mint In My Bag, My Friends, Always Ask Me For Them<3

Does anyone know what's this peach shaped box? It looks cute :)

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