Easy Steps on How to do Matte Lipstick the Right Way ...


Easy Steps on How to do Matte Lipstick the Right Way ...
Easy Steps on How to do Matte Lipstick the Right Way ...

Matte lips are the go-to look right now. If you’ve been used to lip gloss or creamy lipsticks then matte lipstick can feel shocking at first. There’re some tips that make matte lips easier to wear and help them look great on you. Soon, you’ll wonder how you ever wore anything else.

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Choose Some Shades That Look Good in Matte Form

Before you can wear matte lips, you have to shop for the right matte lipstick. It’s become such a popular trend that almost every brand of cosmetics has a selection of matte lippies. A good tip to remember is that whatever shades flatter you in other lip products will probably work well in matte. A lovely matte lippie I’m currently hooked on is Mac Honey Love. It’s the perfect shade of nude.


Don’t Count on Matte Lipstick for Hydration

As pretty as matte lipstick is, it’s not going to hydrate your lips. Lip glosses, balms and creamy lipstick all offer moisture to parched lips. You can’t count on a matte lipstick for hydration. In fact, it could dry your lips out more. Because of this, it’s especially important to apply a great lip product at night to restore moisture.


Prep Your Lips

The best way to wear matte lipstick is with a balm under it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; regular old chapstick will do the job. You can also use a lip primer to moisturize your lips as well as prep them for matte lipstick. Matte lipstick isn’t nearly as forgiving as cream formulas are so it’s good to use a primer to keep it in place. With creamy lipsticks you can simply wipe any mistake away but matte formulas tend to stay put, mistakes and all.


Resist the Urge to Add Gloss!

Your first reaction to seeing matte lips on yourself may be to reach for gloss. While you certainly can add gloss on top and some people do, you’re losing the matte finish. It’s tempting but if you can hang in there, you’ll get used to the look of lips without shine. You may come to prefer the matte look. It could be your signature thing!


Go for a Dewey Foundation

Matte foundation and matte lips don’t agree. The only exception to this is if you have naturally oily skin that makes even a matte foundation seem creamy. Otherwise, choose a foundation that has words like creamy, dewey or luminous in the description or name. Not only will this make your skin look radiant but it’ll create a beautiful contrast with your lips.


Play up Your Eyes

One thing about a matte lipstick is that it looks attractive without stealing the show. You can still pull off dramatic eye makeup because your lips have a subtleness they don’t have when you’re wearing shiny gloss. Winged liner gets full focus when you’ve got matte lips. In fact, it’s one of the best styles of makeup you can pair with matte lips. If you haven’t tried it yet then prepare to fall in love!


Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Lastly, give yourself time to adjust to your new look. Just like with any change, it make take a few days to get used to it. You may find you love it or that it takes awhile to grow on you. You also may feel it’s not the right look for you and that’s okay. You can always go back to your other lip products. That’s the great thing about lipstick; it’s only a one day commitment!


Exfoliate before Use

Dead and dry skin causes your lipstick to look dull and uneven, which is completely unacceptable with matte lipstick. Try getting a lip scrub, or simply brush your lips with a toothbrush to rid them of that dull skin and help keep them beautiful with the matte color of choice.



Blotting your lips post-application will allow you to remove any excess color or shine, leaving you with the perfect matte look. Just be wary of using tissues or paper towels, as this leaves little paper fibers on your lips. A small piece of toilet paper is actually said to work best.


Use a Lip LIner

As previously mentioned, matte color tends to stay put while a glossy color wipes off. In order to avoid mistakes and lipstick mishaps, use a lip liner so all you have to do is color between the lines. This will also prevent color bleeding outside the lips giving you the perfect shape.

These 10 tips can help you look your best in matte lips. Do you have a favorite matte lipstick? What’re your feelings about this lipstick formula?

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