Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorials to Give You Kissable Looking Lips ...

You don't have to buy Kylie's lip kit in order to look like her. There are plenty of drugstore products that you can use in order to get her big lips and sultry eyes. If you're interested in copying the young star, here are a few Kylie Jenner inspired makeup tutorials that will make your lips look absolutely amazing:

1. Look for Less: Kylie Jenner

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This is an affordable makeup look that includes contouring, bronzer, and blush. Of course, it also involves a lot of lip products. Try using a dusty lipliner and outlining your lips much further out than they actually reach. To do this, you should bite down on your own lips and extend the line where it would normally be and fill it all in. You can also apply a light brown shadow under your lower lip. Then your small lips will look as big as Kylie's.

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