This Video Will Show You How to Fake Big Lips ...


If you're still obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her makeup, then you should learn how to make your lips look like her lips. All you have to do is grabs some lip liner and draw on fake lips that look a little bigger than your regular ones. Just don't go too crazy, because you don't want the illusion to be obvious.

For a few tips for mastering this technique, you should check out the video down below:

Now you'll be able to make your lips look even bigger than usual! What other tips do you have for faking big lips?

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Omg preach Taylor! I have full lips too, and I've been jealous of thin lips for a while. But learning to accept myself was the best thing of my life. Just do things you feel confident in.

Glad that I was born with bigger lips and don't need to fake them, however, I feel like women should be happy with themselves because the grass is never greener on the other side. Everyone has good and bad features. Just put some pretty lipstick on and call it a day.. :)

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