Pro Tips on How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for You ...

Need some tips for choosing the right lipstick shade? The right shade of lipstick should highlight your eyes and hair and give your skin a healthy glow. Also, it should add color to your wardrobe. Here are my best tips for choosing the right lipstick shade.

1. White Skin

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White skin should use rose or red.

2. Olive Skin

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Olive skin should use brown or red.

3. Warm Skin Tones

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Warm skin tones should use orange or reddish brown.

4. Cool Skin

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Cool skin should use pink or purple.

5. Yellow Teeth

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If your teeth are on the yellow side, you should wear wine, plum, warm pinks and cocoa brown. Don't use orange or coral

6. What is Your Lifestyle?

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In which situations will you be wearing the lipstick? Will you be going to work or out for the evening? Research shows pink should be worn to the office and you should choose something dramatic for night.

7. What is Your Lip Size?

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Small lips should wear lighter shades and a little glossy to make them look fuller.

8. Texture?

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Do you prefer matte, cream or sheer?

9. Lip Liner

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Lip liner should be applied after applying the lipstick first so as not create a ring after lipstick wears off. However, lip liner is no longer a must these days.

10. Finally, Blot!

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To make your lipstick last longer, apply then blot then re-apply
This is not rocket science! Have fun! Don't be afraid to use different brands. Every woman should have at least a half a dozen lipstick colors to choose from.

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