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How to Choose Your Best Lip Color for Valentine's Day ...

By Carly

It's time to learn how to choose your best lip colour for Valentine's Day. Valentine’s Day, for those who are into celebrating, is a day when you want to dress up, look your very best and enjoy some quality time with your loved one. This quality time will usually include some sort of dinner date, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to get dressed up to the nines and show your boo exactly why they are lucky to have you on today of all days! Any makeup look needs the perfect lip colour, so to save you the trouble of having to figure it out for yourself because here is exactly how to choose your best lip colour for Valentine's Day.

1 Experiment

Experimenting is one of the best answers for how to choose your best lip colour for Valentine's Day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a whole bunch of different colours. If you can’t try new things out on Valentine’s Day, then when can you? As long as you feel sexy and confident in yourself, then the lipstick is definitely doing what it is supped to do. After all, what is sexier than a woman who is really feeling herself? Your date will certainly be able to recognise that he is in for good night!

2 Brightening Skin Tone

The key aim is to brighten you skin tone as much as possible to give it that Valentine’s glow. The ultimate goal is to choose something that is going to bring out the best of your undertones and highlights. Fair skin is helped best by pinks and blue-reds, olive skin by warm oranges and corals and darker skin by plums, and berries.

3 Stick to Your Favourite Texture

Experimenting with colour is cool, but when it comes to the texture, I recommend sticking with your favourite for Valentine’s Day. Knowing what texture you like the best will eliminate a lot of colours from your collection, giving you a much easier choice to make. You want to feel as comfortable as possible whilst still looking like a million dollars, and it is little things like your tried and tested favourite textures that help to make you feel good. If you love gloss, go glossy. If you love matte, matte it is.

4 Test Quality

Let’s be real here, there is a good chance that the lipstick you apply on Valentine’s Day is going to be put to the test later on in the evening, if you know what we mean! You want to make sure that the colour you apply is one that is durable and isn’t going to vanish at the first sign of a kiss.

5 Don’t Hand Swatch

If you are browsing in a shop rather than through your own collection, try not to do the hand swatch test, because the reality is that your lips are a vastly different base colour than your skin, running the risk of leaving you potentially disappointed on your big date.

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