8 Tips for Fabulous Evening Makeup ...


8 Tips for Fabulous Evening Makeup ...
8 Tips for Fabulous Evening Makeup ...

Evening Makeup is dramatically different than day makeup, if only because you can go a little crazy with evening makeup! Well ladies, I've got 8 tips for evening makeup that are hot and will make you look incredible! Not only are these tips super easy to incorporate, but you probably already have most of the makeup in your makeup case!

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Metallic Eyeliner

Metallic eyeliner has been one of the trends for evening makeup for quite a few years and for 2012, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere! Personally, I love the look of this type of eyeliner. I think that it's chic, totally stylish and looks great for any evenings! Whether it is a night out on the club or just a date!


Red Lips

Oh, the ruby red lips. Add a bit of shine and sheen on them and you got the perfect kissable lips in the world! I love ruby red lips with a little black dress. It makes the red pop out even more and who knows, if you wear that outfit on a date, your date is sure to love you!


White Eyeshadow

Now, I was actually surprised by this evening makeup trend. I always considered white eyeshadow to be something of a daytime makeup, but when you really make the sparkle and shine come out and even add some white glitter – you got evening makeup!


Jewel-Toned Eyeshadow

Metallic reds, deep purples and even some blues and browns are all examples of how you can get some jewel-toned eyeshadow! For real ladies, I think that these eye shadows are absolutely amazing and look great with any evening outfit! Whether you are looking to sparkle it up or go a little casual, these eye shadows work great!


False Eyelashes

Makeup for the evening is all about drama and what would drama be without some thick and curly eyelashes? False eyelashes are very in right and if you can figure out how to put 'em on, I'd suggest taking advantage of this awesome trend!



Remember how I said that white glitter makes a great makeup for the evening? Well ladies, that truthfully goes for any type of glitter! If you're looking to make yourself sparkle and shine, glitter is the way to go. Not only will it make you stand out, but it looks great on!



While red and jewel-tones might be in, pink is another color that is very in right now! Whether you are looking at mauve pinks or you're interested in hot pink, pinks are very in. So throw on some pink eyeshadow or get yourself some pink lipstick to complete your outfit!


Plump Lips

Finally, we get to those lips. Your lips should make a statement! Plump, luscious lips are a great way to really get your guy to notice you. Just make sure that you got the ideal shade of lipstick on too!

Finding the balance between evening makeup and daytime makeup is never easy, but it is something that fun to explore! I know that all of these evening makeup tricks really work! So ladies, what makeup tricks do you use everyday? Any evening makeup tricks you wanna share?

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