8 Tricks Make up Artists Use ...


8 Tricks Make up Artists Use ...
8 Tricks Make up Artists Use ...

No makeup trick is ever too much, especially if you like to try out new things and explore this wonderful world that’s known to everybody and available to us, women, only. That’s why I’ve combined some of my favorite pro makeup tricks that could come handy to both beginners and girls that have been using makeup for quite a bit now.

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Play with Your Foundation

Don’t get all desperate if you can’t find an ideal foundation shade or realize the shade that fits you perfectly makes your face appear too pale or dull on photos or under neon lights. Pro makeup artists often use more than one shade of foundation to get the color and the effect they were going for. Get a lighter and darker shade to mix together or a special one that comes with a special tint that enables you to make lighter or darker shades, depending on your preference. If you think your foundation is too heavy for daywear or you don’t need all that coverage that often, simply make a light version by mixing it with your day cream. Alternatively, you can get one of those foundations with shiny particles (like Rimmel Recover) and apply it on parts of your face that need to look shiny and fresh. Now, about this last tip, let me share something from personal experience – if you’re thinking about trying out Recover, use it only as describe above, because it doesn’t provide much coverage and appears too shiny on photos.


Shiny VS. Matte

When getting ready for a special event of some kind, it very important to know which parts of your face should be covered with shiny particles and which ones should remain matte. So, if you want your face to look fresh rather than greasy on photos, pro artists suggest you should keep the shine low on the center of your face. Apply translucent powder on your nose, chin, and forehead and leave the sparkles for cheeks, eyes and lips.


Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

We all know lipstick comes off, not matter how waterproof, kiss-proof, eat or drink-proof it’s supposed to be. To avoid smears that just won’t come off or horror of realizing that half of your extra durable lipstick came off and the other half won’t even budge, prep your lips using the oldest trick in the book – lip pencil. Now, these are definitely worth investing some cash in, especially if you are going to be wearing a dark lipstick. Just apply it like you would normally apply any lipstick and voila!


Plump, Juicy Lips

Well, I’m sure most of you know about this, but I just can’t avoid mentioning it and I’m about to tell you why. You see, a lot of self proclaimed makeup artists here prefer to go outside the natural lip contours and always apply a thick layer of lip gloss all over. Yes, it does look great on pictures, but only if the camera is not too close to you, otherwise it will capture what’s evident to everybody around you – that your lips look like a big, messy shapeless blob! So don’t mess with the Mother Nature a lot – there is a more subtle and equally effective way to look good, live and on photos. Dab on a very glossy, reflective clear lip gloss on the center or your lover and upper lip!


Instant Freshness

Lip gloss in Nude is something we have in our purses at all times, isn’t it? Well, according to famous and, I daresay, very skilled makeup artist, Gina Brooke, there’s more than one way to use that gloss! So, in those times when you look tired or your skin is lacking that natural shine and you have no other ways to “fix things”, smear a little bit of that lip gloss over the apples of your cheeks. Not too much ladies as you don’t want your skin to look greasy but radiating and naturally glowing.


Bronzer “boob-job”

I absolutely love, love, love this trick and if you, like me, don’t have a lot of cleavage to show, I’m sure you’ll love it too! Now, this is too messy to use every day and I doubt you’ll need a pair of double Ds to do your grocery shopping, finish up those financial reports or attend a PTA meeting but, special times call for special measures ( special, not desperate!). So, when you need that breathtaking cleavage, simply use your foundation and bronzer and paint it on by shading an imaginary curvy line that would have been there if your boobs had managed to go up two sizes overnight. Makeup artists use this trick to accent abs and boobs for underwear campaigns too, so if all those models are not embarrassed for faking features that are supposed to be a big part of their job, why should you be?


Long Wear

What would you do if you need to get ready for an important event and you have just ran out of your primer potion or spray you use to prevent the makeup from fading away? Stay at home? Opt for a bag big enough to hold your first aid makeup kit? Nope! Here’s a little trick I’ve managed to pick up while waiting on my turn at the beauty salon – light hold hairspray! Shake it, spray it some inches in front of you and just gently close your eyes and walk through that mist. It’s not something you should practice every day but it’s a great first aid solution in case the unimaginable actually happens and you forget to re-stock your makeup bag.


Thicker Lower Lashes

Don’t know about you but my lower lashes just don’t respond to any conventional procedures. They are long and every product I use makes them even longer, so long that they actually start to curl and poke. However, the volume just isn’t there. A non-existent category! Volume? What? What is that? Could you define that term, please? Now, here’s the trick I use and I picked it up reading an article in Cosmo – apply mascara, clear smudges (if any), take a very thin eyeliner brush and draw a tiny line wherever you feel like you could use an extra eyelash or two.

Don’t be afraid to use this tips, ladies. After all, did you really think an average celeb really looks THAT good without the help of a pro makeup artist and 3 sideshows to wheel all that makeup in and out of the place? Which one of these tricks you feel like your could use the most?

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