7 Tips on How to Apply Eyeliner ...


I don’t know if you will be using your eyeliner a lot this summer but, hey, a few tips on how to apply eyeliner properly could always come handy. Am I right? I’m sure you’ve read and seen plenty of other, very informative tutorials on how smudge and draw precise lines so I’ll skip that and focus on different eye shapes and colors and ways to fix those small imperfections typical for each one of them. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to make small eyes appear bigger or fix droopy eyes, take a look at these 7 tips on how to apply eyeliner and everything will seem much easier:

1. Lining Small Eyes

If your eyes are relatively small, you might feel like eyeliner is your worst enemy which is totally untrue, by the way. I, myself, have small, very round eyes and never and I MEAN never has anybody noticed that. So, here’s what I do to get big, kitty cat-like eyes. First of all, the thing you are supposed to DO is use the eyeliner to bring more definition to your eyes, the DON’T part would be the one where you apply it all over your upper and lower lash line. So, what’s you’ll do is start from the center of your upper lash line and work your way outwards, not inwards. The inner part of your eye as well as the lower lash line and lid should be neutral so limit the use of eyeliner to the area described above. Use your blending brush or just a bit more eyeliner to make sure that “starting point” looks natural and if you like the kitty cat look, you can always add a Dita- like wing.

Lining Droopy Eyes
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