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8 Tips for Applying Eyeliner Perfectly ...

By Alison

Tips for applying eyeliner will come in very useful if, like me, you're a bit inept when it comes to eye makeup! I wanted to improve my application technique, so I searched for some guidelines that would help me avoid wonky eyeliner. Having found some hints that really work, I wanted to share them with those of you who are having the same difficulty. So here are some handy tips for applying eyeliner …

1 Steady Your Hand

Steady Your Hand The first of these tips for applying eyeliner is to steady your hand by leaning your elbow on the table. Try applying liner with and without doing this, and you'll see the difference. Supporting your arm stops your hand from shaking, and allows you to draw a much straighter line.

2 Get the Look

Get the Look You also need to decide what kind of look you want - are you aiming for a dramatic look or subtle definition? This can influence what kind of liner you use. Also, if you want a dramatic line, you will need to practice drawing the base line and then adding to it.

3 Variety

Variety There are so many different eyeliners that you may need to experiment to find which one works for you. Not only are there different types, but you may get on better with one brand than you do with another. Will liquid liner work better than pencil? Try out both to see which you find easier.

4 Thickness

Thickness To get a good look, you need to be careful about the thickness of your application. You want the line to be slightly thinner towards the inside of your eye. Also don't take the line right to the inside edge, but tail it off a little before. This avoids the obvious "ringed eye" look.

5 Liquid Liner

Liquid Liner Do you use liquid eyeliner? Is there any makeup mishap that's more annoying than smudging your eyeliner just when you think you've drawn the perfect line? When using liquid liner, don't open your eye until the liner has had time to dry, or you may smudge it.

6 Take Your Time

Take Your Time Rushing your makeup is always likely to lead to mistakes. This is particularly true of eyeliner, which is one of the hardest things to get right! If you're in a hurry, use a pencil with a light touch and don't bother with liquid liner - applying that in a rush means that you'll end up drawing a wonky line and having to start again.

7 Mascara Second

Mascara Second Do you put your mascara on first and eyeliner second? If you have trouble with smudgy eyeliner, that could explain why - after all, you have to go under the lashes to apply mascara. It helps to reverse the order of application and apply the liner first, so that you don't mess up the mascara when you add liner.

8 Repairing Mistakes

Repairing Mistakes Have some Q-tips and eye makeup remover handy. Then if, even having followed all these marvelous tips, you still make a mistake with your eyeliner, you can remove it and start again. Sometimes it's the only option! Repairing usually isn't very successful and can end up a real mess.

Eyeliner can look fabulous, but it's often not that easy to master. So try these tips and see how much your technique improves! After some practice you'll soon be drawing the perfect line. Liner is great for a simple look as well as finishing off a full application of eye makeup. What's your favourite brand or type of eyeliner?

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