8 Worst Mascaras to Steer Clear of ...

We often hear about the latest and greatest mascaras but what about the worst mascaras that we should stay away from?! With the thousands of tubes of mascara out there, I think we deserve some kind of guidance as to what others have found to be ineffective. That way, we’ll know what to expect should we try bad mascaras out for ourselves. Girls should all help each other out, right?! With that said, here are 8 of the lowest-rated mascaras out there, see if your worst mascara made the list!

1. Maybelline Great Lash

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I know that seeing this mascara on the list of worst mascaras will be big shock for some of you ladies. I know it’s a classic and it has legions of fans but not everyone seems to agree. People have described this mascara as smudgy, flaky and difficult to remove. It’s also been faulted with drying out too quickly so if you’re new to Great Lash, keep these user's tips in mind before you buy!

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