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How to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous in Your Matte Makeup ...

By Eliza

Matte makeup is having a moment right now, which means you can find it at nearly any drugstore or makeup counter. If you’re leery of giving the trend a try, you don’t have to be. It can be daunting to try something that you’ve always thought was strange. After all, isn’t makeup supposed to be bright and shiny? Sure, but it can also be matte. Want to see if it works for you? Here are some tips to help you master the art of using matte makeup.

1 You Have to Moisturize Really Well

Shimmery makeup can cover up a lot of skin issues, but matte cosmetics typically enhance them. For example, dry skin is only going to look worse when you put matte makeup on it. That being said, you can get around this by doing some mega moisturizing before you use the matte products. You may even want to use a face oil underneath too. The makeup should soak up the excess oil without making you look too shiny or too dry.

2 Don’t Choose a Cheek Product with Minerals

The minerals in makeup is often what gives it some shimmer and shine. So if you want a truly matte look on your cheekbones, make sure your blush, bronzer or highlighter is free of minerals. When you apply it, you also want to make sure you use a large blush brush to get the product on just right.


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3 Wear a Dot of Foundation under Your Eye Shadow

A small bit of foundation under your eye color can help keep the matte shadow in place and ensure the finish you want. The foundation also evens out the skin tone on your eyes and gives the matte eye shadow something to adhere too. You don’t need too much or the effect will be just the opposite.

4 Try a Velvet Matte Foundation

When you apply foundation, you want a smooth finish, which is hard to get with a matte product. Instead of traditional matte, choose a velvet matte foundation, which still gives you the look you want, but also ensures that your skin looks smooth and flawless. To ensure that you have a foundation that works, look for silicon in the ingredients. If needed, you can add some translucent powder to shiny spots.

5 Use a Lip Scrub before You Put on Any Matte Lipstick

If you aren’t careful, matte lipstick can make your lips look really dry, even if they aren’t. If, by chance, you have even a bit of dryness on your lips, the matte product will make it look even worse. To prevent this, use a lip scrub to get rid of dead skin before you apply the matte lipstick. You might want to use a lip pencil to define your lips since the color isn’t shiny.

6 You Don’t Have to Go All Matte

Matte makeup looks great, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it all over your face. Try using just matte lipstick or trying the trend only on your eyes. As you get used to the look and how to get it right, you can go matte in more than one place, or even all over your face.

7 Pay Attention to the Rest of Your Face to Make Matte Perfect

Makeup experts say that matte makeup will only look perfect if it’s done with the right features on your face. That means filling in your brows and making sure you wear black mascara on your eyelashes. You might also consider whitening your teeth so your matte lipstick looks the best.

Have you tried any kinds of matte makeup? Will you give it a try after reading this?

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