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Lipstick can turn any set of plain lips into pretty ones.

Even if you don't apply any eye makeup or foundation, painting your lips can alter the entire look of your face.

It's just that powerful.

If you love coloring your lips, here are a few lipstick hacks that you can use the next time you apply a fresh coat of makeup:

1. Stick Your Finger in Your Mouth to Avoid Smudging

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You've probably heard of this lipstick hack, because it's the oldest one in the book.

All you have to do is stick your index finger into your mouth after you apply your lipstick.

When you pull it out, you should see lipstick on your skin that otherwise would've ended up on your teeth.

It saves you from smudging.

2. Use Unflattering Lipstick as Blush Instead

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If you bought a lipstick shade that you're not happy with, you shouldn't toss it in the trash.

You can just try using it on your cheeks instead of on your lips.

Some shades of red and pink make horrible lipstick colors, but they make excellent blushes.

So before you throw out any products, see if you can come up with an alternative use for it.

3. Use a Brush to Apply Your Lipstick

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Do you have trouble keeping your lipstick on your lips, and only your lips?

If you always end up staining your skin with the products, then you can take a tiny makeup brush and use it to apply your lipstick.

That way, you can get it on more precisely and avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

4. Blot between Your First and Second Coats

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If you want your lipstick to stay on, apply it, blot it with a napkin, and then apply a second coat.

That way, there will be less of a chance that your lipstick rubs off onto your skin or your teeth.2

Cut Apart Your Lipsticks and Place in Pill Boxes
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