How to Look Sexy in Sheer Lipstick ...

Sheer lipstick is taking this summer by storm. The super lightweight formulas are perfect for hot summer days, but the deep pigments won’t skimp on coverage. That means a summertime worthy lipstick that easily gives you the look you crave. What more could a girl ask for? If you decide to go sheer, here are the rules for wearing it. Don’t worry – they aren’t complicated or time consuming, but they will leave you looking fabulous in no time.

1. Skip the Lip Primer and Wear Sheer Lipstick All by Itself

Because many sheer lipstick products are infused with creamy nourishing ingredients, they work just fine on their own. The products are designed to stay put without all the extra work involved with traditional lipsticks. Simply slick on your favorite sheer lipstick and pat with your fingers to set. You’re good to go!