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Which Lipstick Shade Should You Use?

By Holly

Certain lipsticks look better on certain skin tones, at certain times of day, and on certain types of lips. There's a lot to take into consideration before you pick a shade out from your makeup bag, so don't rush into a decision. If you're having trouble choosing what to wear on any given day, here are a few different ways to decide which lipstick shades suits you best:

1 Fair Skin

Fair SkinCool tones look the best on fair skin. So if you're pretty pale, you should stick to wearing pink and coral lipsticks and glosses. If you can, avoid browns and blacks, because they'll look too harsh against your light skin.

2 Medium Skin

Medium SkinMedium skin tones look great with warm colors. That's why you should try buying some rosy or berry shades to paint your lips with. However, like women with fair skin, you should avoid purchasing anything that's too dark. Stick to lighter colors when you can.

3 Dark Skin

Dark SkinDark skin tones look best in brown or purple shades. Try wearing a deep plum or chocolate. Of course, you could always go bold by trying neon colors. You should be able to pull off shades that most people dream of wearing, like orange.

4 During the Day

During the DayDuring the day, when you're at work or school, you're going to be under harsh lighting. That's why you should wear creamy, warm shades that will look flattering. You should also stick to wearing the lighter colors in your makeup bag. You don't want anything too dark on during the day.

5 At Night

At NightWhen you go out at night, you should create an entirely different look than you had during the earlier hours. It's best to wear darker, heavier colors in order to fit the change in lighting. If you're seeing someone at night that you saw during the day and don't want them to notice the change, you can simply wear lipstick and eyeshadow that's a few shades darker than the colors you applied that morning.

6 Thin Lips

Thin LipsIf you have thin lips and don't want their size to be noticeable, then you should avoid wearing dark shades. Instead, you should use creamy lipsticks to add plumpness. It'll give you the illusion of having thicker, luscious lips. If you want to try something extra, you should also use lip liner to to fill out your thin lips.

7 Full Lips

Full LipsUnlike thin lips, full lips look great in dark shades. The most important thing is for you to avoid plumping glosses. You don't want your lips to look any fuller than they already do. They're plump enough on their own.

8 Discolored Teeth

Discolored TeethIf your teeth have a yellow tint to them, you should wear warm pinks, browns, and plums. Meanwhile, you should avoid wearing oranges and corals, because they'll make the discoloration more noticeable.

9 Everyone

No matter what skin tone you have or how thick your lips are, you'll look amazing while wearing nude. Also, every woman out there can pull off red as long as they find the right shade of it for them.

While these tips can be helpful to accentuate the beauty of your natural qualities, you can be bold by trying any lip color you'd like. What's your favorite shade to wear?

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