$1.00 Makeup Artist Kit Items from Dollar Tree ...


There are so many $1 makeup products at Dollar Tree! Do you get compliments on your makeup? Do you get asked to sell Mary Kay or Avon a lot? Why not go into business for yourself, by yourself, on the side, as a makeup artist?

You could do weddings, proms, graduations, holidays, just to begin! Are you thinking, "I cannot afford all that Clinique or any of the department store brands that I would need". Well, look no further than Dollar Tree! Get EVERYTHING you need to build your makeup artist kit for $1.00 each and get professional results. Watch this video for all the info you need on $1 makeup products at Dollar Tree.

Platinum D

November 13, 2013

1. Hand Sanitizer

Your hands need to be germ-free.

Spray Bottles
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