7 Ingredients You Won't Believe Are in Your Makeup ...

By Mikayla

There are some ingredients you won't believe are in your makeup. Most of us wear makeup regularly, some wear it every single day. But have you ever considered what it's made of? Here are seven strange ingredients you won't believe are in your makeup.

1 Fish Scales

Labeled as guanine, fish scales can be used in a variety of cosmetics like lipstick and eyeshadow to create a shimmery, shiny effect. And that's just one of the weird ingredients you won't believe are in your makeup.

2 Crushed Beetles

The Cochineal beetle is used in many products to give it a red color, from nail polish to lipstick to hair dye and more. It’ll be listed as carmine on the ingredients. The first known use of these beetles cosmetically was with Cleopatra in Egypt.

3 Sheep Grease

The same stuff that builds up on sheep’s wool to help them keep water off and protect their skin, known as lanolin, is used in a lot of lipsticks to give it the right texture and the ability to spread evenly.

4 Rust

Pink-tinted products sometimes get their coloring from rust. This goes by a number of different names on labels, one of which being ferrous oxide. The rust used in makeup is chemically synthesized in laboratory conditions to avoid contamination.

5 Pepper Spray

Or at least the main component of it, oleoresin capsicum. This is used in lip-plumping glosses or anything that gives off a warm, tingly feeling.

6 Formaldehyde

Also known as DMDM hydantoin Diazolidinyl urea, this is used in cosmetics for the same reason it’s used in corpses: to preserve it for longer.

7 Gluten

This is used as a binding agent in things like mascara, lipstick, hairspray, shampoos, as it is believed to strengthen hair. Don’t worry celiacs - researchers say gluten particles are too large to be absorbed through skin contact.

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