8 DIY Nail Art Techniques to Try ...


8 DIY Nail Art Techniques to Try ...
8 DIY Nail Art Techniques to Try ...

DIY nail art techniques are becoming so popular right now! Not only are they all over Pinterest, but I've seen a ton of different DIY nail art techniques all around my office! So ladies, are you looking for a way to spice up your nails? Looking for DIY nail art techniques that are easy to do? Well, I've got 'em! I've got the top 8 nails techniques that you've got to try!

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Damask Nails

Damask Nails The first DIY nail art technique that you've got to try is damask nails! I love damask everything, in fact, I made an accent wall of damask. This nail technique is totally customizable and it's super cute for any occasion, especially weddings! Give it a try ladies!



Flags The British flag is by far one of my favorite flags in the world – so why not flaunt it on your nails? Or, for that matter, why not flaunt your favorite flag on your nails? This DIY nail art technique is so cool and easy to do! It just takes a little practice.


Polka Dots

Polka Dots Polka dots is another DIY nail art technique that is not only easy to do, but it's also fun! For me, I like to mix up the polka dots. Do a couple different colors. It's so much fun! What do you like to do with your nails?


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Are you looking for a way to have your nails elegant but still beautiful? This DIY nail art technique is the way! I actually love cherry blossoms, I think that they are beautiful, so delicate and so easy! Just a few branches, a turquoise background and some pink and white little buds! So beautiful right?



Birds I am so one of those girls that love birds. My mom owns 2 birds and having my nails done up in birds is a great tribute to her! Truthfully, this design above is my favorite! It's so perfect, so unique and it definitely stands out! Try it ladies!



Peacock I think that peacock feathers are absolutely beautiful. Not only are they unique, but this DIY nail art technique is fashion-forward! Peacock feathers can also be super creative too, you can really take the design anywhere!



Flowers It's summertime ladies and that means, ditching the drape one dimensional colors and replace that with some beautiful flowers! Flowers are one of the hottest and most fashionable DIY nail art techniques! So ladies, what's your favorite flower to put on your nails?



Rainbows Finally, show your pride a little bit and go with some awesome rainbow nails! This easy DIY nail art technique has so many different variations, the creativity influence is endless! It can be vertical, horizontal or even just on the tips! It all depends on what you're looking for!

There you have it ladies! Some of my favorite DIY nail art techniques that are pretty awesome to try out! Which DIY nail art techniques are you favorite? Try 'em all!

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i'm a little disappointed that there is no information on how to do these. makes them look NOT easy.

those are all soem good ideas but i thot you were going to show DIY nail designs, those are either too complicated or a design you have to buy

I myself think the polka dot nails are too cute! Only if I had whiter hands... Any tips on how to make them lighter heather??

I like the nail art but I don't find it very diy and I see you suggested you tube but they are not really easy you need lots of tools. Which for me defeats the DIY purpose! Also they are designs rather than techniques, they are very pretty but not what I was expecting when I read the title. Some techniques are like using tape or hole reinforcers for a French manicure or a makeup spunge to make an ombré affect. However they are all really pretty and inspirational, I would just need stickers or a professional to do it in order for it to look right, except polka dots! Thanks though!

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