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11 Awesome Makeup Tips for Green Eyes ...

By Heather

Green eyes are some of the most beautiful eyes in the world, but finding the right makeup tips for green eyes is not easy! There are so many conflicting makeup tips for green eyes out there, but ladies, I've got the low-down on all of the tips that really work! I have green eyes, so I have actually tried each and every makeup tip for green eyes below! So – you ready to pump the beautiful green up in your eyes?

1 Warm Bronze

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,hairstyle, Green eyes are all about the warm colors, the bronzes and golds and I gotta say, bronze eyeshadow is ideal for green eyes! This makeup tip for green eyes really works beautifully and will really make the green of your eyes pop right out! Trust me ladies, it's beautiful!

2 Copper Tones

eyebrow,hair,face,nose,beauty, Just like bronze, this makeup tip for green eyes is all about the warmer tones. Copper tones work great for any and all green eyes because it really makes them pop and really makes them look beautiful. For my eyes, I always layer on a bit of shimmer to really let my eye color deepen!

3 Play with Purples

eyebrow,face,color,cheek,eye, Purples and greens are two colors that go really well together! Ladies, if you are looking for the right makeup tips for green eyes, play with the purple eyeshadows and the violet eyeliners, see what works best for you!

4 No Silver

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose, One color that does not exactly work for green eyes is silver. Now, I am not talking about jewelry of course, but silver and gray eyeshadows do not exactly look all that great with green eyes. They conflict a little bit. Stick to warm colors and plums.

5 Skip the Black Liner

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,eye, Now, I wouldn't say that you have to skip the black liner all of the time, but this makeup tip for green eyes is all surrounding making the green pop. Plum and violet eyeliner is much better for green eyes and really will make the green in your eyes stand out that much more!

6 Darker Greens

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,hairstyle, While a lot of makeup tips for green eyes say you need to avoid all greens, I don't think that is true! If you have light green eyes, framing them in darker green or allowing some dark green eyeshadow is great! Remember, just go darker or lighter than your own green eyes color.

7 Peach Blush

color,face,pink,white,red, Another makeup tip for green eyes is using peaches and cream blush. Whether it is cream or it is powder, I gotta say, peaches and cream blush really will make your eye color pop out!

8 Red-Based Shadows

face,eyebrow,hair,red,cheek, For your eye shadows in general, try to find colors that are red-based rather than blue-based. Red-based colors bring out the beautiful green in your eyes even more!

9 Pile on the Mascara

color,hair,face,human hair color,nose, Green-eyed girls, don't be afraid to pile on the mascara! Green eyes are so rare and breathtaking that you should want them to be noticed! You should wear extra-lengthening mascara and attract attention to your eyes.

10 Brown Mascara

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,black hair, Brown mascara can look subtly beautiful on women with green eyes! It's simple, yet makes a considerable difference in your appearance!

11 Pinks and Plums

eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,eyelash, Finally ladies, the last makeup tips for green eyes is to use the pinks and plums! Whether it is in your eyeliner or in your eyeshadow, incorporate the colors somehow and it'll really make your eye color pop!

So ladies, there are all of my makeup tips for green eyes, what tips do you have? Have you ever used any of these makeup tips for green eyes? Give 'em a try!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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