7 Makeup Tips for Big Eyes ...

Big eyes are some of the best eyes in the world, but finding the right makeup tips for big eyes isn't easy! You want to show those beautiful eyes off don't you? Allison Harvard is absolutely one of my favorite models in the world and she's got some of the largest eyes out there! Well all you big-eyed girls, I've got the top 7 makeup tips for big eyes right here! These makeup tips for big eyes will make your eyes stand out and look beautiful!

1. Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery eyeshadows are definitely one of the top makeup tips for big eyes to really make them stand out! Just a little shimmer, a little glitter, a little glam and your eyes will stand out beautifully! For me, I actually do a line of a matte color along my lash line and then add in the shimmer to my lid and just under my lower lashes. It really enhances my eyes!