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7 Little Known Makeup Tips for Redheads ...

By Heather

Being a redhead has a lot of perks, but do you know all of the makeup tips for redheads out there? I was a redhead for 10 years and I had such a hard time finding all of the makeup tips for redheads that really worked with my hair color! So girls, with that in mind, take a look at all of the makeup tips for redheads that really work and will bring out all of the red tones in your hair!

1 Pinky Lips

All you red-haired girls out there, don't be scared to add in a bit of pink to your lips! Pinky lips are very in this summer and even though your hair is red, pink is a color that will compliment that red hair! So girls, what's your favorite pink color to wear? For me, it's all about the hot pink!

2 Light Concealer under Your Eyes

Typically, if you are a natural redhead, you've got light toned skin, which means that you do not have to weigh it down with a lot of makeup. One makeup tip for redheads that a lot of people don't know is to use just a light concealer under your eyes, just to get rid of some of the baggage there and really brighten up your whole face!


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3 Avoid Heavy Foundation

Always ladies, avoid any and all heavy foundation. This makeup tip for redheads can actually apply to any and all pale skinned girls – you don't want to ever weigh your skin down with heavy foundation. Just some tinted moisturizer or even some light and airy foundation will work best!

4 Tinted Moisturizer

See? Tinted moisturizer is actually one of the greatest makeup tips for redheads because it is so light but it still offers up the coverage that you are looking for. If you are a natural redhead, tinted moisturizer can even work to cover up your freckles if you wanted!

5 Cat Eyes

When I was a redhead, one of my favorite makeup tips for redheads was the cat-eye eyeliner trick! I don't know why exactly, but cat eyes look fantastic with red hair – just look at Emma Stone! When she was a redhead, she looked fantastic in a classic cat eye!

6 Black Mascara

There is always a bit of argument whether or not black mascara goes with red hair, but I think that if you are going for a dramatic look or if you are looking to add a bit of flair to your eyes, black mascara works great! This makeup tip for redheads is all about personal preference!

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7 Plum Shadows

Finally, ladies, the last makeup tip for redheads that we're going to talk about is plum shadows. Plum looks great with any eye color, but these colors also look great with red hair – give it a try!

Well all you red-haired girls, there are my top makeup tips for redheads! Do you have any other makeup tips for redheads to share? Sound off below!

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