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25 Tips to Make Your Eyes Stand out ...

By Melissa

Do you love eye makeup that makes your eyes stand out? I know I do. Because of that I am always looking for tips to make your eyes stand out. Here’s a list I put together to share with you girls.

1 Blue Eyes

If you want to make your blue eyes stand out start by using the right eye shadow colors. Brown, beige and silver work best, but maybe not altogether.

2 Brown Eyes

Browns eyes can really pop with gold, tan and blue shades of shadow. The color contrast is what helps bring them out.

3 Green Eyes

Can you guess what colors will make green eyes stand out? Makeup artist suggest using purple, blue, sliver and pink to really emphasis green eyes.

4 Small Eyes

Sometimes smaller eyes don’t get as much attention, but with the right eyeliner tips you can really make your eyes stand out. You are going to want to line your top lash line from the midpoint of our eye to the outer edge. You can even go beyond the edge just a little. Also line your lower lash line a quarter of the way in. This technique draws attention to the outside of your eyes making them appear larger.

5 Brighten up

Are your eyes looking a little dull? Try to brighten them up with a little peach or beige liner along the bottom rim from corner to corner.

6 Eyelashes

My favorite way to make eyes stand out with by curling lashes. If your lashes are straight or point down this technique will really open up your eyes.

7 Mascara

Mascara has a way of taking your face from boring to vivacious. Black mascara is the key to making your eyes stand out. In my opinion without mascara all other techniques are useless.

8 Even Brighter Eyes

Another tip to brighten up your eyes is to use a little white shadow on the inside of your eye near the tear ducts. Just this little bit of white can make a huge difference.

9 Highlight

Don’t forget to highlight your brow bone. This is the area beneath your eyebrows and above your crease. Add a simple light white or beige shade to the area for full effect.

10 Eyebrows

While we are on the topic of eyebrows let’s not forget to keep those bad boys tame. Unruly eyebrows can draw attention away from your eyes. If you want your to make your eyes stand out be sure to pluck or wax your brows.

11 Deep-Set Eyes

Do you have deep set eyes? If you do here is little tip. Use a shimmery shadow in the hue appropriate for your eye color. The shimmer will draw your eyes out more.

12 Neutral Lip Color

Either you want to draw attention to your eyes or your lips. You can’t do both. That’s just too much drama for one face. If you want to make your eyes stand out wear a neutral lip color.

13 Dark Circles

Conceal dark circles under your eyes. We want people to notice your eyes for good reasons, not because you have bags and look like you haven’t slept in days.

14 Black Liner No-No

While a heavy black eyeliner circle around your entire eye will attract attention, it’s not the kind of attention we were seeking. Avoid doing this. It makes your eye look really small.

15 False Lashes

I think fake lashes look terrific and with black liner are gorgeous for a night out or a special event. I don’t think the same look is as effective for a run to the grocery store or post office. Save the all that glamor for the right occasion.

16 Glasses

Do you wear glasses? Don’t worry you can still make your eyes stand out. Add a light concealer underneath your eye all the way to the outer corner. The light color attracts attention and hides in shadow caused by glasses.

17 Bigger Lashes

If you want to add more drama to your lashes without going all out with faux lashes, trying applying a couple more coats to the outer lashes. It will make them appear thicker and longer.

18 Bottom Lashes

Sometimes these poor little guys just get forgotten, but if you really want to make your eyes stand out you will show them a little attention. Don’t go crazy, one or two coats of mascara should be enough.

19 Clear Eyes

One of the best ways to make your eyes stand out is to use redness reducing eye drops. Sometimes we're tired and our eyes or our allergies are acting up so eyes can look red and tired. Add a couple of drops of redness reducing eye drops to help reduce redness and make the whites of your eyes really stand out.

20 Powder Puff

To make shorter, thinner lashes stand out a little more, dust some translucent powder to your closed eyes before you apply mascara. The powder will plump up and slightly lengthen your lashes to make eyes pop.

21 Layer Lashes

We've talked about using false lashes to make eyes stand out, but what about using more than one pair? It might sound a little over-the-top, but it's a great way to achieve dramatic eyes. This might not be a very practical look for every day, but it's a fab way to create a customized look. Try layering different types of lashes like different lengths, colors and even lashes that have embellishments like rhinestones.

22 Walk the Tight Line

You know that gap of skin that you can see between the lashes and eyelid? It does absolutely nothing to make your eyes stand out, so cover it up! Tightline your eyes by applying a dark liner underneath the upper lash line and make sure you apply eyeliner on the top lash line as close to the edge as possible.

23 Highlight

Similar to adding concealer underneath the eyes, using a highlighter around the eye area can really brighten your eyes. There are some concealers made to brighten the eye area while concealing dark circles which are a great option and time saver.

24 Cancel Colors

If you've got some discoloration underneath your eyes, concealer might not be enough. Apply concealer as usual and then add some yellow-based powder on top. Adding a yellow-based powder helps set the concealer and it also cancels out blue and purple making you appear rested and fresh.

25 Beware of Brown

We're not saying you should avoid all brown eye shadows, but be careful with some of the reddish-brown shades of eye shadow. These colors can make eyes look tired, hungover or sick.Yikes!

I love talking about eye makeup and learning new ways to make eyes stand out. If you have any other tips to make eyes stand out please share them.

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