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21 Bags That Will Make You so Glad You Wear Make-up ...

By Eliza

I don't like to show my face to the world until I've put my make-up on. Are you the same way? Then chances are that you need a handy place to store all your cosmetics. From brushes to eyeliner, having everything in one place makes it easy to put on your face and head out without hunting things down or giving up and going barefaced when you really don't want to. Here are the most gorgeous make-up bags you'll ever see.

1 Shiny Polka Dots

product,fashion accessory,

2 How about a Fun Pattern?

bag,pattern,art,fashion accessory,design,


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3 Red Designer Make-up Bag

bag,red,pillow,leather,throw pillow,

4 Whimsical Unicorns

pink,bag,coin purse,furniture,hairstyle,

5 Fun Florals

bag,handbag,coin purse,shoulder bag,fashion accessory,

6 Play a Little Tune


7 Lovely Geometrics


8 "Girly Crap"

pink,bag,hairstyle,magenta,coin purse,

9 Summertime Pineapples

bag,product,coin purse,handbag,fashion accessory,

10 Lots of Fun Pattern

product,art,pattern,textile,coin purse,

11 With a Little Friend

bag,green,yellow,product,shoulder bag,

13 Harrod's


15 Bright, Girly Pink

pink,bag,magenta,handbag,shoulder bag,

16 Light Pink with Flowers

pink,bag,product,coin purse,pattern,

17 Cute Pink Flamingos


18 Something Different

product,coin purse,fashion accessory,

20 Flying Geese

bag,blue,handbag,fashion accessory,furniture,

21 Black and White Ruffle

black,black and white,pattern,cap,monochrome,

Isn't putting your make-up on going to be so much more fun now? Which one is your favorite?

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