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9 Best Bare Escentuals Products You've Got to Try ...

By Heather

The best Bare Escentuals products can go anywhere from their incredible night serum all the way to their most popular mineral makeup! Have you ladies ever used Bare Escentuals? If not, you've got to check out my list of my top 9 best Bare Escentuals products! I promise, these best Bare Escentuals products will make you want to try this brand and fall in love with it!

1 Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Minerals

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil MineralsPrice: $18.98 at

This best Bare Escentuals product is actually the powder that goes over your mineral foundation to make it tick. This product really gives you a translucent finish without layering on a bunch of different powders that can make your skin feel and look heavy. It's weightless and incredible option!

2 Bare Escentuals Faux Tan

Bare Escentuals Faux TanPrice: $21.95 at

Are you looking to get a tan without actually having to sit in the sun this summer? This is the way to do it! The best part about this fantastic best Bare Escentuals product is the fat that there are no streaks. You'll be able to see the color as you're applying it, that way you know if you've missed a spot too! It also is an all natural based formula, which makes it safer for your skin!


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3 Bare Escentuals BareVitamins Prime Time

Bare Escentuals BareVitamins Prime TimePrice: $12.50 at

The next thing that we are going to talk about when it comes to the best Bare Escentuals products is Prime Time. This awesome product helps with so, so many things. It can help with everything from rough patches all the way to excess oil and even uneven textures in your skin. Try it, it will make your foundation look ten times better when you put it on!

4 Active Cell Renewal Night Serum

Active Cell Renewal Night SerumPrice: $48.50 at

If you are looking for an all natural product that will not only keep your face smooth and clean, but also will help your face become hydrated and protect it, this is the serum for you! This serum is packed with vitamins and has all kinds of natural firming extracts in it. One use of it and you'll be hooked, I promise!

5 Bare Escentuals BareMinerals

Bare Escentuals BareMineralsPrice: $17.37 at

Finally, we get to the best Bare Escentuals product that is also the most popular! This mineral-based foundation hit the markets years ago and it has exploded. I love that it goes flawless coverage and that it actually is all-natural. Give it a try ladies and let me know what you think!

6 Bare Escentuals Blemish Therapy

Bare Escentuals Blemish TherapyPrice: $18.00 at

This is the perfect product if you have a lot of blemishes that you are trying to cover up. This incredible product will reduce fine lines, wrinkles and will leave your skin looking all around beautiful in no time!

7 Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

Exfoliating Treatment CleanserPrice: $19.00 at

Finding the right cleanser is difficult – believe me, I just went through that search! If you are looking for a great cleanser that is all natural and that will keep your skin looking beautiful, this is it! This best Bare Escentuals product will change the way that your skin feels and looks instantly!

8 Soft Focus All-over Face Color

Soft Focus All-over Face ColorPrice: $14.99 at

Are you looking to light up all of your features and make them all stand out? This is the key! This all over face color Is for your entire face! Just a little bit on the end of your powder brush and a swipe across your whole face and you'll see just how your face instantly lightens up!

9 Big & Bright Eyeliner

Big & Bright EyelinerPrice: $12.49 at

The final best Bare Escentuals product that we are going to talk about is their eyeliner! I promise, this eyeliner is not only the best, but it is smudge proof! Try it ladies, you'll see!

With all of the different Bare Escentuals products out there, it's hard to pick out the very best Bare Escentuals products. So ladies, what best Bare Escentuals products are your fav?

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