8 Beautiful Eyeshadows for Dark Brown Eyes ...

In case you thought brown eyes were boring, these 8 beautiful eyeshadows for dark brown eyes will prove you wrong! Brown is the most versatile color to enhance with makeup and easily suits a variety of tones and hues to create beautiful bright brown eyes. As a fellow brown-eyed girl, creating depth and dimension to your dark brown eyes is easier than ever with these 8 beautiful eyeshadows.

1. Purple Power

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The power of purple eyeshadow works wonders for dark brown eyes. The key lies within the color wheel where coppery and chocolate browns suit cool toned purples and light lavenders. An eyeshadow duo or palette is the best option when it comes to picking out the perfect purple shadows for your lids as you can play around with the shade intensity to find out which purple tone you feel most comfortable sporting for your dark brown eyes. Sweep on matte lavenders with a hint of shimmer for day or deepen your hues with eggplant shades for a sultry smoky purple lid for night.

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