7 Different Unique Uses for Blush ...


7 Different  Unique Uses for Blush ...
7 Different  Unique Uses for Blush ...

Blush is not only for your cheekbones anymore ladies, there are tons of different uses for blush! If you can't think of any, don't worry! I've got the top 7 unique uses for blush that you might not be aware of! I've got everything from dabbing a bit on your tan lines all the way to making a fresh and new lip gloss! So girls, you want to explore all of my unique and different uses for blush that you might not have known?

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Eye Shadow

I actually use this one all of the time! Did you know that one of the uses for blush can actually revolve around using it as an eyeshadow? Blush has been known to last a really long time on skin, so it makes an ideal eyeshadow and who knows, maybe people will be dying to know exactly where your fresh and neat eyeshadow came from! Give it a try girls!


Mix with Vaseline for Lip Gloss

Another great use for blush instead of dabbing it on your cheeks is to mix it with a little bit of vaseline and you've got yourself a beautiful new lip gloss! This lip gloss will protect your lips and will give you a great sheen and shine – not to mention a cool and fresh new color! This is one of my favorite uses for blush girls and one that I use constantly!


Blush on Forehead

Did you know that you can actually apply blush to your forehead (just a little bit, never too much!) just so that you can make your face appear to have a bit more color. This works wonders for all of us pale girls out there! For me, I just do one swipe before my powder and then I swipe powder over it and it really makes my face appear warmer and more beautiful!


Apply Blush to Your Cleavage

If you really want to be a bit daring, a great way to draw more attention to your cleavage is to just dab a little bit of blush down there. This will add a bit of definition and will actually draw more attention to your cleavage, as well as enhance the appearance of your breasts. This use for blush is so different – I'm gonna have to get it a try!


Apply Blush to Your Chin

Now, this use for blush is not to be used in combination with the forehead tip, that's too much blush! This use for blush all revolves around getting rid of that double-chin and making sure that you look beautiful! When you dab just a little bit of blush along your chin, instantly, you'll see that there is no double-chin anymore!


Cover Scars

While you might think that having cover-up cream and even concealer is going to work fully to cover up your scars, it won't. Blush is a great way to cover up any scars or even blemishes that you might have on your skin! It'll also leave your skin feeling and looking so much warmer and full of life!


Blend Away Tan Line

Finally girls, the last use for blush that we're going to talk about is blending away tan lines! Even though summer is coming to a close, that doesn't mean your tan line is! If you have a huge tan line, just take a big powder brush, dip it in and blend, blend, blend! Eventually, you'll see the tan line disappear!

So girls, there you have it! Blush does not just have to be used for your cheeks, there are a ton of different uses for blush out there! So, what uses for blush are your favs? Do you have any?

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Haha I laughed when it said to put it on your cleavage :p

i take it that you need to use a cream blush if you intend to mix it with lipgloss

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