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Fall has finally arrived! It’s time to break out our favorite sweaters, scarves, and of course, show our love for our favorite season with some hot, fall-inspired makeup. There are so many ways to celebrate all the gorgeous colors of the season with eye shadows, lips colors, and even blush. The best part is, fall colors such as burnt oranges, reds, and browns are typically universally flattering so we can all slay the fall makeup game! Check out the most alluring fall looks we spotted online so you can recreate and incorporate them into your beauty routine. Let’s go!

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Shimmery Orange

Makeup master and genius behind Kylie Jenner’s makeup Ariel Tejeda created this look and it just screams fall! The shimmery orange shade on the lids is such a gorgeous neutral and the deep red lip complements the overall look perfectly. Apply 5th Avenue all over the eye and go over it with Kim up to the brow bone. Then, highlight the outer corner of the brow bone with a highlighter. You can recreate this exact look with Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Master Palette by Mario on the lids and Kylie Cosmetics’ Leo lip kit.


Ariel Tejeda's trendsetting approach to fall beauty bids farewell to the summer's bright tones and welcomes the warm and cozy ambiance of autumn. To achieve this stunning blend, use the Master Palette by Mario with its versatile range of hues. For the lips, nothing speaks to the season's boldness like the Leo lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. With the shimmery eyes and the deep, commanding lip color, you'll embody the essence of fall glam. With precision and a touch of creativity, it's an accessible look that'll turn heads and echo the season's dynamic aesthetic.


Burnt Chestnut

Who said neutrals are boring?! I love how the blush is a similar shade to the eye shadow, I think it really pulls the look together. This look is understated yet sexy and the eyes really stand out. You can easily recreate this look with Kylie Cosmetics’ Bronze Palette using Jasper and Goldstone on the eyes. For the lips, use the Dolce K lip kit or NYX Soft Matte Cream In Abu Dhabi.


Embracing the burnt chestnut hue is like giving a warm, autumnal hug to your appearance. The balance of the soft, earthy blush with the complementary eyeshadow creates a seamless transition from your cheeks to your eyes, encapsulating the essence of fall. This harmonious pairing not only enhances the natural beauty but also adds a hint of allure without going overboard. Whether you're cuddling up with a pumpkin spice latte or stepping out on a crisp evening, this look maintains its charm and elegance. With such easy-to-follow steps, you can make this subtle yet sophisticated statement part of your daily routine.


Brick Red

If you were waiting for something a little bolder, here it is! These lips demand attention and the corresponding shade on the eyes is perfection. The eyes have a lot going on here, there are layers of deep brown, purple, and reds. The Balm’s Meet Matt Trimony palette is packed with fall friendly true-to-pan shades to recreate this haunting look. For the pretty pout, try Colourpop’s Prim and use a lip liner that’s a shade darker to create a more defined look.


Brick Red embraces the essence of autumn's dynamic color palette, and adopting it into your makeup routine can create a striking impression. A daring choice for lips, this shade isn't afraid to be the center of attention, perfect for those who want to make a statement. When paired with equally deep eyeshadow tones, the result is a both elegant and mysterious look. To achieve the eye-catching effect, blend the shadows seamlessly for a smoky appearance, and don't shy away from using a little shimmer to catch the light and add depth. Remember, the key to this look is boldness and blending, so let your creativity take the lead!


Soft Brown

This look is subtle and super sweet. The colors used on the lips and the cut crease remind me of the warm colors of fall leaves. Wear this pretty and natural-looking makeup to school, work, or football games. Use Tanya Burr’s Birthday Suit palette which contains four, ultra-flattering neutrals in Marzipan and Soft Truffle. For the most perfect peach-hued lips, try NYX Liquid Suede in Foiled Again. Don’t forget to add your fave highlighter to all the high points on your face to complete the look!


Rusted Auburn

Burnt orange eye shadow is one of the hottest colors right now and it just happens to be one the quintessential shades of fall. Dust on a matte deep orange, warm brown, and pastel peach eye shadows in your crease. Use a cream color to highlight the brow bone and a black liquid liner to complete the look. Try NYC’s liquid liner and Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow singles in Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Blazing, and Fudge.


Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate isn’t just for drinking, you can wear the super flattering shade on your eyes, too. This soft matte brown might is a go-to for fall makeup. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with it! Recreate this gorgeous look with Revlon’s the Nudes eye shadow palette. Sweep a bronze color along the crease and slowly build up the color. Use a matte brown on the outer V and blend, blend, blend with a fluffy brush. Don’t forget the dramatic cat eye using your favorite liquid eyeliner!


Pumpkin Spice

Even if you’re not into the pumpkin spice thing, I think we can all get into this cuuuuute makeup. The red-orange lips take center stage but the luscious lashes and cut crease are equally important. @ohmygeeee used Kylie Cosmetics’ Mary Jo K was used on the lips and Dose of Color’s EyesCream Palette on the eyes. Use Berries N’ Cream all over the eyelid, then create the cut crease with sherbet, cone, hot fudge, and top off with banana split.


Golden Brown

Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you have to put the highlighter away! You can still flaunt that lit-from-within glow come fall. This golden brown look can be achieved with Lorac’s Pro Matte Palette, another perfect addition to your fall makeup collection. Use Pink Mauve as a base color then pick up Corduroy and blend into the crease and gradually add Chocolate and blend well. Line your upper lash line with black liquid line and the waterline with a brown pencil. Use Mac lipstick in O to finish off the look.


Shimmery Chestnut

Chestnut may not shimmer in real life but in the world of makeup, anything goes! To create a similar look, choose a neutral eye shadow palette that contains both shimmer and matte colors like Lorac’s Unzipped Eye shadow palette. Start by covering the entire eye in a cream color. Next, use a rose gold or golden brown all over the crease and blend up towards the eyebrow. Make sure you leave an area bare as Chrisspy did in the photo and finish off with a pale shimmery shade. For the lips, use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Ashton.


Smoky Orange

Burnt orange is one of the ultimate fall colors and this smoky orange situation is everything. Using a palette like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance, apply Burnt Orange all over the crease as a transition color. Next, layer Red Ochre underneath Burnt Orange. Apply Realgar all over the lid and blend up and then use an off white shade like Tempera and apply it in the inner corner and blend out to the middle of the eyelid.

What’s your favorite fall makeup look? Will you try out any of these amazing fall looks?

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Do normal people actually wear this much makeup... too fake

This is stunning. Anna this kind of make up is when you have events and partying to attend. You don't have to put this make up every day but once in a while your man must see the other side of you when you going out with to events. I hope one day you will put some just to feel like a classy woman

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