Bottom Lashes to Die for when Yours Just Don't Make the Cut ...


Bottom Lashes to Die for when Yours Just Don't Make the Cut ...
Bottom Lashes to Die for when Yours Just Don't Make the Cut ...

I seriously always forget about my bottom lashes. I'm so afraid of the dreaded raccoon eyes that I don't even bother with them! But in all honesty, giving them the attention they deserve, just like your luscious top lashes, will make a dramatic difference in your makeup look! Bright-eyed and alert is where it's at. Here are some tips to spice up your bottom lashes!

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Use Waterproof Mascara

Regular mascara on the bottom lashes tend to react with the oils on your skin, breaking down the mascara. To avoid looking like a woodland creature with smudging mascara, make sure to use a waterproof formula!


Use Brown Mascara

I like brown mascara for the same reason I like brown eyeliner- it creates a softer look and for day makeup, that's perfect! Brown mascara on your bottom lashes (again, waterproof!), will create the definition you want while leaving a softer, natural finish.


Try Different Application Techniques

While applying mascara, don't stick to one method! Swipe up and down, in a zig-zag motion, and don't forget to use the tip of the mascara want to coat those small corner lashes! You'll find that using multiple application techniques cover way more lash hair.



False lashes are pretty intimidating to me but lately I've really been into single lash clusters! I like them for creating a winged look (because I suck at applying eyeliner ). But, cluster lashes are also perfect for the bottom lashes! They are easier to work with than full set, although with a careful hand, they can work great, too!


Use a Smaller Wand

Most mascara wands are designed for the top lashes so they are big and thick and fibrous. Try finding a smaller wand, or one that's designed for the bottom lashes, for a more precise application! Plus, you're less likely to ruin your under eye makeup with mascara smudges.


Try a Clear Thickening Formula

If you are still concerned about color transfer to your under eye area, try a clear mascara or a transparent thickening formula! It will still dramatize your lashes but won't add any color. A great option!


Nude Liner on Your Waterline!

I love a good nude or white liner on my bottom waterline! It instantly makes you look more awake and will only enhance your lashes that much more!

I hope you'll no longer neglect those bottom lashes after reading this article! Got any other tips for achieving gorgeous bottom lashes?

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Forget the raccoon eyes, what about the spider eyes?!

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