Tips to Extend the Life of Your Lipstick on Your Lips ...


Tips to Extend the Life of Your Lipstick on Your Lips ...
Tips to Extend the Life of Your Lipstick on Your Lips ...

Want to know the major key to lipstick that lasts all day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform your favorite lipstick into a long-wearing one 1 ⃣ so you wouldn’t have to worry about constant touch-ups? I thought you might be interested! There are just a few steps to add to your beauty routine in order to make those lips even more alluring and make that lipstick last all day. These tips are perfect so your lipstick will keep up with school, work, parties, football games, and of course, those hot dates! Grab your lipstick and let’s get started!

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Exfoliating your lips is essential to keeping lips looking good and to also help your lip products go on smoothly. I used to think that you only had to exfoliate your lips when they were flaky or when you were going to wear matte lipstick. Not true! Your lips can use the occasional scrub regardless of what type of lip product you’re wearing. You can exfoliate your lips up to once per week and you can use either a store bought scrub or create your own with brown sugar and coconut oil. Make sure you’re gentle!



Just like you moisturize after you exfoliate your body, you’ll want to do the same with your lips. Apply a thick lip balm or try using a lip mask. There are tons of lip masks you can try out from lip patches to overnight masks. Or, you can DIY it by mixing coconut oil and honey together, applying to your lips for 5 5 ⃣ minutes and then gently remove it with a tissue.


Reverse Line Your Lips

Have you heard of reverse lip liner? It’s basically a nude-colored liner that you use to line the outer perimeter of your lips to create a barrier so your lip color won’t bleed. It’s super easy to do and you don’t have to worry about getting the line straight. NYX’s Wonder Pencil is a good one 1 ⃣ that’s under $5 or you can try Urban Decay or Make Up For Ever’s versions, too.


Line Your Lips

Next, you’ll want to grab your lip liner. If you don’t already use lip liner, there are tons of reasons to start! Firstly, you can define your lips or even overline your lips to make them appear larger. Secondly, applying lip liner gives your lipstick something to adhere to. Lipsticks are typically soft but lip liners are a bit drier so lipsticks have something to cling to. Line your lips in a color a shade or two 2 ⃣ darker than your lip color and fill them in.


Apply Your Lipstick

It’s finally time to apply your lipstick! Grab your favorite lipstick and apply over your lined lips as you normally do. This is probably the simplest step but there are certain techniques you can use to help your lipstick last longer. Smile when you apply your lip liner and lipstick so you fill in any cracks. Also, apply your lipstick in a crisscross pattern at the Cupid’s bow, the outer corners, and at the bottom of your lip and connect those areas and fill in your lips with lipstick.


Blot Your Lips

This next lipstick tip is an oldie but goodie. Take apart a tissue so you’re left with just one 1 ⃣ ply. Then, grab a translucent loose powder and powder brush. Place the tissue on your lips and lightly dust your lips with the brush dipped in powder. Remove the tissue, press your lips together, apply one 1 ⃣ final layer of lipstick, and you’re all done!


Final Tips

There are a couple more tips I wanted to mention that you might find works well for you. One 1 ⃣ tip is that some ladies like to apply concealer or foundation over the lips to use as a primer for lip liner and lipstick. This is totally optional and some find that applying foundation over the lips can make lips feel dry. Another tip to consider is to use a lip brush to apply lipstick instead of straight from the bullet. This ensures you get a smooth, even, and precise application.

Ready to try out these tips? Be sure you let us know how they work for you in the comments below!

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