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7 Contouring and Highlighting Video Tutorials You Must Check out ...

By Jelena

Contouring tutorials are exactly what a girl needs before a big event, regardless of what kind of event we’re talking about here! Seriously, ladies, discovering a new makeup trick right in time for anything that requires you to look your best is like hitting the Jackpot! Now, I know professional makeup guidelines can look complicated in absence of a good example, this is why I’ve found a couple of great contouring and highlighting tutorials to help you nail down the technique and look like a movie star! Let's take a look!

1 Contouring Tutorial for Beginners

This is a tutorial that will nicely explain and help you understand the basics of high and low lighting and the great effect it can have on your appearance! Not a lot of products to draw your attention from the technique and an awesome model, if I may add! Give it a shot – I did and the result was absolutely amazing!

2 Kim Kardashian – Inspired Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

Who wouldn’t want Kim’s face! I mean, seriously – the high cheekbones, perfect, just slightly pointy chin, slim nose and glowing skin! But wait, is that all natural? Well, although I’m sure Kim has great bone structure, I do have to note that the look in question is a product of makeup! Which, of course means (drumroll)… that you can have it too! Take a peek at this great video to learn how!

3 Easy Highlighting and Contouring for a Youthful Appearance

Don’t feel like drawing all of those scary lines on your face? No problem! Take note of the professional makeup guidelines you’ll find in this interesting video and you’ll be able to get the same effect with very little trouble and just a few of your favorite products! An absolutely great way to wipe a few years off your face and perfect for daily wear – how cool is that?

4 Natural- Looking Contouring Tutorial for Chocolate Toned Complexion

Contouring techniques don’t differ much, which means that everything you might have singled out as interesting while watching previous videos could be used regardless of your skin tone or color. Check out this next on my list of great highlighting and contouring tutorials anyways, as it will help you achieve that amazing, photo-ready skin as well as provide a list of all products you’ll need to give your chocolate-toned complexion a pro-looking makeover!

5 Contouring Tricks for a Slimmer Nose

Hope you’re still with me ladies as I have more contouring tutorials to share and, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on them! This next one, in particular, will be of special interest to all of you ladies wanting to know the contouring secret that has helped celebrity stylists do some of the most amazing red carpet looks! Take a look, give it a shot and do let me know how happy you are with your “cheap nose job”.

6 Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial for Collar Bone Area

Speaking about contouring and highlighting tutorials you don’t want to miss – here’s something to help you use your newly acquired knowledge to give yourself a really amazing décolleté area! I used to do this a lot before I went into my current, grandma-ish stage and acquired tons of round-neckline-no-cleavage dresses and I must tell you – it really works like a charm! So good, in fact, that I’m seriously thinking about revising my special occasion attire choices!

7 Contouring Tips for Asian Facial Type

This last contouring tutorial is a bit different, simpler and more amateur-looking but will, I’m sure, be of great interest to all of you ladies with Asian features hoping to learn a few makeup tricks that will help you really bring out that gorgeous bone structure in the best way. The technique and the actual contouring area differ slightly, which is why you should definitely both check it out and try it for yourself. Enjoy!

Have these professional makeup guidelines in mind, experiment with everything you’ve picked up watching these videos and do let me know which highlighting and contouring tutorial has helped you the most! Oh, and just a short tip before I leave you to experiment with these – in case you don’t own a lot of brushes and don’t feel like spending too much on them, you can get great ones at H&M!

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