9 Examples of Pop-Culture Nail Art ...


9 Examples of Pop-Culture Nail Art ...
9 Examples of Pop-Culture Nail Art ...

I love pop culture nail art! I think that it's super neat and so fun to try! I've got 9 examples of pop culture nail art that all of you should try! One note, these probably aren't practical for everyday life, but if you are heading to a special screening of a movie featured below or even for Halloween? These pop culture nail art examples are super fun!

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Little Mermaid Nails

Little Mermaid Nails I love the Little Mermaid! It is by far one of my favorite Disney movies and these nails are super cute! While it might be hard to type for a while, this pop culture nail art example is so adorable and who can resist the Little Mermaid? Try to duplicate this one ladies!


Lord of the Rings Nails

Lord of the Rings Nails Lord of the Rings is absolutely one of my favorite series of movies. I read all of the books and I can not wait for the Hobbit to come out! These pop culture nails are so cute, super fun and are a great example of the movie! Do you think you could wear something like this all day?


Beauty and the Beast Nails

Beauty and the Beast Nails Beauty and the Beast is another pop culture nail art example that I can't get over! These nails are super cute and are the ideal example of everything Beauty and the Beast! The sparkles really just make these nails that much better! Would you give these a try if you could?


Nightmare on Elm Street Nails

Nightmare on Elm Street Nails Oh Freddy, you are even making your way into the pop culture nail art examples aren't you? Nightmare on Elm Street movies were some of the scariest movies I've ever saw when I was a kid and these nails are ideal for a Freddy costume! Would you be willing to have these nails for a day?


Up Nails

Up Nails Oh Up, that movie is so friggin' cute and I have to say, these nails really make me want to watch it over and over again! They are so much fun, so flirty and although they are detailed, if you have the patience, they'd be easy to make too! This example of pop culture nail art is one of my favs!


Snow White Nails

Snow White Nails With all of the different Snow White movies out there, it's a great excuse to visit the older Disney movie again and go with Snow White nails! I love these nails and think they are by far the cutest things!


Tetris Nails

Tetris Nails Of course, this pop culture nail art example is not practical at all, it is still really cool isn't it? I love Tetris and I think that having a Tetris game detailed out on my nails would be so much fun!


Spongebob Squarepants Nails

Spongebob Squarepants Nails Who doesn't love Spongebob? This show exploded in the 90's and nowadays, it's absolutely one of the best cartoons out there! Why not show the little villain of the show some love in your nails?


Harry Potter Nails

Harry Potter Nails Finally, we get to my all time favorite pop culture nail art examples – the Harry Potter nails! This tribute to Harry Potter is so awesome and the Deathly Hollows is absolutely my favorite sign. You want to show HP some love? This is the way to do it!

There you have it ladies! My top 9 pop culture nail art examples that are not practical, but they are awesome! What are some of your favorite pop culture nail art examples?

Photos Credit: kayleighoc.deviantart.com

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These are...interesting. I would've been impressed if the nail was the size of a real nail and not overlapping the cuticle or sides. True talent is shown when you can do this on a REAL nail. Not on something fake looking.

Those stick-on nails look terrible. The art is fun, but geez. The plastic couldn't have looked more square and fake.

Err.. Excuse me, but all nine of these examples are mine (KayleighOC). I can't see a link back to my pages or a name check? Flattered you like them but it is polite to credit sources.

these look ridiculous...would any one really do this for every day? i think not. They would break at the first touch of anything!

This is cool, but kind of... Impractical.

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