Easy Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Learn to Master ...

Takeaway: I need to improve my makeup.

Whether you’re going for an au naturel look or want to make a daring bold statement, Seventeen.com have complied easy makeup looks that every girl should learn to master. From the perfect winged eyeliner, a flawless foundation to bold brows or the lit from within glow, these are easy makeup looks that are definitely worth learning. Check out the step-by-step guide and become a makeup pro.


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1. Apply illuminating moisturizer to your entire face. We like Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating 
Moisturizer, which will give you a hint of color while making your skin glow, thanks to skin brightening ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E.

2. Add shimmer eyeshadow to the insides of your eyes. Getting a gorge glow means not just focusing on your skin! Applying white or silver shadow to the insides of your eyes will brighten up your entire face, making your peepers look wide open. The shimmer shadow reflects light, making you look like you slept a full eight hours.

3. Lightly apply bronzer to your entire face. Using a brush made for loose powder (such as Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush), apply bronzer one shade darker than your skin to your entire face. Lay it on a slightly heavier where the sun would hit naturally: on the apples of your cheeks, forehead, and chin.

4. Swipe highlighter down the bridge of your nose. This finishing touch adds even more shimmer and helps make your cheeks pop.

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