Makeup Lies We've All Fallen for at One Point or Another ...

There is so much makeup advice out there that it can be hard to tell the difference between truth and fiction. Turns out that some of what you hear isn't necessarily true. I've fallen for some of these myths and I'm sure you have to. There's no shame in that, but decided to take some of those lies and tell the truth, once and for all. Here are some falsehoods you can quit worrying about. Although, if something works for you, there's no need to change it if you don't want to.

1. Always Conceal Your Eyes First

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Concealer can be our BFF when we want to cover under-eye circles brought on from a bad night's sleep. If you're anything like me, who lives with lovely dark circles each and every allergy season, slathering concealer around your eyes is often the first priority.

"You will hear many people say to conceal your eyes first then finish the rest of the face," Michelle Quaranta, go-to celebrity makeup artist for Bravo and E!, told The List. "I save time and find it much more effective to do your eye makeup first, leaving under-eye clean. Then apply your foundation and finish the look by concealing the eyes last." This method, Quaranta explains, allows you to clean up anything that has fallen underneath your eyes that might otherwise cast a shadow, making dark circles look even darker.

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