Super Simple Makeup Tricks for Girls Who Want Their Eyes to Stand out ...


Super Simple Makeup Tricks for Girls Who Want Their Eyes to Stand out ...
Super Simple Makeup Tricks for Girls Who Want Their Eyes to Stand out ...

I'm always on the hunt for ways to draw attention to my eyes and make them look larger. I've tried it all, curling my lashes a bunch of times, experimented with different ways to line my eyes, even circle lenses. There's one look that I always admired, but never tried. Mainly because the colors available just weren't that flattering on me. Now that colorful mascara is available in so many eye enhancing and attractive colors, there's no reason for us not to take advantage! Take a peek at the gorgeous looks below.

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Color Your Lashes

Color Your Lashes This first option is for those who just can't find a colored mascara that they really like, you can create your own! Just grab a colorful liquid eyeliner and paint your lashes!


Electric Blue

Electric Blue Maria Menounos's brown eyes looks so pretty with blue mascara!


Two Shades

Two Shades Have some fun with your look by using traditional black or brown mascara on top and a brighter color on the bottom.


Glitter Rainbow Lashes

Glitter Rainbow Lashes Wow! This look is pretty darn magical. How cool would this look on a day or night out?



Purple Cara Delevigne always look good in my opinion, but purple lashes really make her eyes pop!



Turquoise Talk about statement eye makeup! This look is daring and beautiful.



Purple Shanina Shaik is a total stunner and with a gorgeous shade of purple on her lashes, she's exquisite!



Pink Think pink! This is a very wearable pink mascara and when it's against a beautiful purplish-pinky backdrop, it's even better.



Yellow Yellow mascara and yellow eye shadow might be hard to pull off in everyday life. But on the runway, the bolder the better!


Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow I love this look! It's such a fun and pretty way to bring out the different colors in your eyes.



Green Green mascara is a nice change from blue mascara that's much more common.



Red Bold brows paired with red mascara -yay or nay?


Black & Gold

Black & Gold Here's another striking runway look! I think gold is totally wearable against a more toned down smokey eye. What do you think?



White If you have mascara primer at home, you too can achieve this look! But seriously, white mascara might not be for school or work, but if you're looking for something different, try it out!


Mint Green

Mint Green Mint green is a popular color on nails, but just look how fab it looks on lashes, too!


Hot Pink

Hot Pink Match your mascara to your clothes?



Violet Doesn't this violet color just light up her already beautiful eyes?!


The secret is all in choosing the right shade to make those peepers pop! A matte violet eyeshadow can bring out hints of amber in brown eyes, while a shimmering lilac can make blue and green eyes truly mesmerizing. Apply it generously across the lid, sweep it under your lower lash line for a cohesive look, and remember to blend, blend, blend for that sultry, seamless finish. Pair it with a nude lip to keep the focus on your irises, and you're set for a day (or night) where your eyes are the undeniable centerpiece.


Light Green

Light Green This look uses a mix of both black and light green mascara for a wearable, eye-catching look.



Orange Orange is a playful color for spring and summer that'll really wake up your makeup!

What did you think of these mascara looks? Would you wear any of these mascara colors?

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My lashes are black is it okay if i colored them.?? Cuz if my hair is black i cant dye it pink or blue.... And if i can where can i get any of those liquids

Aka look insane

These colored looks will only make u like a clown

I think they are all fabulous. EXCEPT... #16! That woman looks like she's suffering some kind of disease! Horrible.

I now have a love,y black eye due too a fall so no. 19 made me chuckle ! I don't want to sport two of them ! Mine is now lovely rainbow of colours, black,purple ,blue and yellow. Don't recommend copying though ! And those bright yellow eyes ? Forget it !

Number 3 is the most classiest. It's fun though to experiment with different colors. Anything lined with a black liquid/gel liner will make any color pop. I like neutral colored shadows with black liner& red lips. That's my staple.

I think this is a great and fun way to be bold, but I don't exactly feel like it makes their eyes pop, I feel like it draws attention away from them and on to the lashes.

It sure pops up the eyes but not in a good way NO thanx i dont like spider looks

I remember trying all this colors back in the late 80's. Do you think someone close to her 50's this will look good for me now?

A new trend coming?

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