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Are you sick of those boring, much-talked about ways to save money on makeup? I mean, honestly - procrastination, procrastination, procrastination – how is a girl supposed to experiment if she isn’t allowed to buy any interesting products? Luckily, there is such a thing as saving and spending at the same time and my choice of cool ways to save money on makeup is all about being a smart shopper.

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Look at the Weight Not the Package

One of the best ways to save money on makeup is to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Now I know a great package has its purpose, but it’s the product inside you’ll use and sometimes that difference in weight really does mean the world. Take 30 and 50 ml foundations, for example – now that’s a huge difference right there and you never would have guessed it just by looking at some packages.


Give Dupes a Chance

Bourjois VS Chanel baked blushes, W7 In the Buff VS. UD Naked Palette – I can keep this up for a day and a half at least because there are so many cool, money-saving products that might not be as glam or must-have but do the job just as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Holy Grail products just as the next girl but when there’s a similar cheaper product out there to experiment with, I’ll definitely jump at the chance to keep my wallet happy.


Opt for Customizable Palettes

A palette you can fill up according to your needs and preferences might seem a bit expensive all together but it’s actually a much better investment in the long run. Just think about it – you can pick the colors you’ll definitely use a lot, replace them just as easily and you’ll never have to feel bad about chucking out a huge, half-used monster of a palette.


Keep Your Makeup Neat

Pumping your mascara will make it dry faster and sticking dirty brushes or fingers into your products can actually make them go bad before they hit their expiration date. All things considered, being a bit OCD when it comes to beauty products isn’t such a bad thing at all and even though you can’t do much to prolong shelf life of your makeup, you can at least keep it fresh and usable as long as the expiration date allows.


Invest in Products That Hold up Well

Baked products and pencils have a longer shelf life than liquids, creams or powders, allowing you to get a decent use out of them before they hit the expiration date and need to be replaced. The best thing, of course, would be to not buy products you can’t use up in due time, but since this is super hard to do, you can at least try to invest your money in products that won’t go bad after a few short months.


Discounts Are Awesome

Discount cards seriously rock and if you can get one somehow, I most definitely advise you to do so. In case you’re not a pro and your current membership cards don’t offer all that much, you’ll definitely want to sign up to a couple of newsletters and plan your big hauls during promotional and sales periods.


Labels Are Not Everything

Even makeup artists have a few cheap favorites which definitely shows that you don’t have to be in a gold mine to actually strike gold. Milani, W7 and E.l.f are a common source of these “cheap enough to buy, great enough to love” finds but you’d do well to subscribe to a few channels and keep a close watch on the products pros like to keep at hand.

Think you could benefit from a little budgeting, too? Which one of these tips are you planning to use? I’m hoping for a nice after holiday sale at Inglot because I could definitely use a few of those Freedom palettes.

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You don't have to buy the dearest make up you can find the cheapest is just as good.

I love cheap & good!!

I would love to see you do a post mapping the expensive brands to the cheaper.

I love e.l.f so much! I did a huge haul of products and I love them all

There are site like all whole sale cosmetic (Google it) has amazing prices

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