7 Gorgeous Lip Glosses to Try out as Summer Approaches ...

Personally, my favorite summer makeup products are always gorgeous lip glosses. On my good days, I’ll only wear my favorite gorgeous lip glosses. They’re the perfect summer accessories, whether you’re looking for something muted or bright. I bet you can find something on this list that will make its way into your favorite makeup products of the summer.

1. Julep Fearless Lip Gloss

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This lip gloss came in a Julep Beauty Box one month, and it was instantly added to my rotation of summer lip glosses. It has a gorgeous muted pink color that’s perfect for everyday wear, with a light shimmer to add some sparkle in the summer, as well as a sweet smell to it that will make you excited to wear it. Overall, it’s one of the most gorgeous lipglosses I’ve seen this summer.

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