7 Tips on Picking the Perfect Lipstick for Your Skin Tone ...

Ever thought about how to pick lipstick for your skin tone instead of just what happens to look good on the store shelves? There are literally millions of different shades of lipsticks so I know it’s hard to pick and choose just a few! I’m always drawn to certain shades but I’ve learned that no matter how much I like a certain color, it can totally wash me out or just be a bad match! If you too would like to figure out how to pick the most flattering and foxy lip sticks for your kisser, keep on reading!

1. Lip Shape

The first tip I wanted to mention before moving on to choosing lipstick according to skin tone is to also consider the shape of your lips. There are some general rules that apply to certain lip shapes like darker colors making lips look smaller and lighter and brighter colors making lips appear bigger. So take note of whether you want to accentuate or minimize your lip shape before you start narrowing down lip colors so it won’t be as overwhelming!