Here Are All the Cool Things You Can do with Makeup Pencils ...

By Eliza

Here Are All the Cool Things You Can do with Makeup Pencils ...

Chances are your makeup bag has a couple of pencils, whether they’re for your eyes or your lips. Would you be surprised to find out that you can do so much more with those pencils than what they’re meant for? If you don’t currently use pencils, you are really in for a treat because they can enhance your current makeup look and give you loads of confidence and tons of compliments. Try one of these ideas with your pencils and you’ll see just what I mean.

Table of contents:

  1. use a colorless pencil as a primer for your lip products
  2. use that wax pencil on your eyebrows
  3. don’t regret impulse buying turquoise liner
  4. you don’t have to live with shine anymore
  5. buy a smoky powder stick for effortless elegance
  6. nude liner is perfect for your lips
  7. liner pencils aren’t just for your eyes and lips

1 Use a Colorless Pencil as a Primer for Your Lip Products

You might see a colorless makeup pencil on store shelves and wonder why you’d waste your money on that. Here’s why you need one in your stash. These pencils prime your lips for your liner and color, helping keep the products where you want them, helping to eliminate touch ups and smudges as you go through your day. This extra little step takes only seconds, but can really save you tons of time making repairs.

2 Use That Wax Pencil on Your Eyebrows

Of course, you want to make sure the color blends with the color of your brows first, but a wax pencil does real wonders for enhancing your brows. Simply apply it in sparse areas and blend it with your eyebrow strands. You’ll get long lasting coverage that will get you through the day. What more could a girl ask for?

3 Don’t Regret Impulse Buying Turquoise Liner

I have several products in my makeup bag that I may regret buying just a little. Silver sparkly eyeshadow – I’m talking to you. If you grabbed a turquoise pencil because the color is just so beautiful, don’t worry. You can use it very precisely along your lash lines to make your eyes pop. It might not work with every eye color, but I say give it a try. You might love it!

4 You Don’t Have to Live with Shine Anymore

Have you seen those big fat, green pencils that are made with clay and wondered what the heck they were used for? I have too! They are perfect for getting rid of shiny skin on your T-zone. The color helps detract from a shiny face and the clay helps soak up the grease. You can’t lose with one of these! I’m buying one today, what about you?

5 Buy a Smoky Powder Stick for Effortless Elegance

I’m not very good at executing a eye, but if I had a pencil designed for just that purpose, it would really help. Turns out there is such a thing. It’s a bit thicker than a traditional eyeliner pencil, but that’s good because it makes it virtually effortless to get a smoky eye you can show off to the world.

6 Nude Liner is Perfect for Your Lips

Nude liner blends seamlessly with your skin color (provided you get one is the right shade), which is great because it can help define your lips without looking too early 90s, when weird lip liner was all the rage. At the same time, it helps hold your lip color on your lips so it doesn’t wind up smeared all over your face and your teeth.

7 Liner Pencils Aren’t Just for Your Eyes and Lips

Using a pencil makes it easier to get your products right where you want them. Buy one made to highlight and sculpt your cheeks and you have a look that’s to die for. Simply use the pencil to contour your cheekbones and you have an effortless application that looks like you spent hours with a professional.

What types of pencils do you use? Will you try any of these great ideas?

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