Household Items That'll Give You Kardashian Lips ...


Household Items That'll Give You Kardashian Lips ...
Household Items That'll Give You Kardashian Lips ...

You don't have to buy expensive beauty products in order to make your lips look fuller. All you need to do is grab one or two items from your kitchen.

What items should you grab?

Well, the video down below will tell you. It gives you three important tips for making your lips look sexier than ever. Tip number one: Always make sure that your lips are moisturized. Tip number two: Drink plenty of water. And tip number three: Put some cinnamon powder on your lips and pinch them in order to make them look puffier.

Yes, that's all you need! Some cinnamon powder! See for yourself in the video:

Do you have any other tips that'll make your lips look fuller?

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lol that's what I was thinking when I saw the pic of Kim

Ugly black girls, please shutup. You aren't the only ones who were born with natural lips and curves just like some of you are skinny and petite. Also, I would like to point out that yes, black women have bigger features. They are also fatter. Stop making everything about you. No one gives a shit about your "natural" aka unwashed for three years hair, weaves, or your nasty cellulite lmao. White women got everything you have, except we actually have money and a future too.

But good tips :) lol

Kardashian lips ?? (Busts out laughing)

You forgot fillers

I tried many different things. The only thing that I find to work are fillers.

@rad-dazzle couldn't have said it any better

And why on earth would i want to do that??!

Or just ask someone to punch you hard on the lips

Why wouldn't you pick a celebrity with naturally large beautiful lips, like Kerry Washington?

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