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13 Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tone ...

By Heather

Olive skin tone is so, so pretty, but is can be difficult to find makeup tips for olive skin tone right? Well all you beautiful olive ladies out there, I've got the top makeup tips for olive skin tone and how you can apply the most beautiful shades that compliment your beautiful skin color! You ready ladies? Let's take a look at the top makeup tips for olive skin tone!

1 Choose the Right Foundation Shade

Choose the Right Foundation Shade Lovies, sometimes, even though your skin tone is beautiful, you might just need a pick-me-up of foundation to compliment it. Well girls, choosing the right shade of foundation is a huge makeup tip for olive skin tone that a lot of women overlook! Olive skin tones are so, so unique and different, so you want to make sure that you are choosing a color that will let your skin tone shine!

2 Pick the Right Concealer

Pick the Right Concealer After you choose the right foundation shade, the next makeup tip for olive skin tones that we're going to talk about is concealer. We all get blemishes or dark circles under our eyes and I gotta tell you, the right concealer shade is a life-saver!

3 Choose a Flattering Blush Color

Choose a Flattering Blush Color When you have an olive skin tone, it's hard to find blush that compliments you right? Mauve pinks are just not right, bright pinks can be a little strange, but if you go with deeper pinks, darker pinks and even some browns, it'll bring out your entire face and really make your skin stand out in just the right way!

4 Use Highlighter Powder

Use Highlighter Powder Highlighting powder is a great way to accent some of those beautiful curves of your face and it's truly one of the best makeup tips for olive skin tones that you can use! Just a little highlighting powder on your cheeks and even along your nose and your forehead goes a long way!

5 No Bronzer

No Bronzer So lovies, you are so lucky to have that tan skin that you have! One of the makeup tips for olive skin tones that you should follow is no bronzer at all! You already have the skin tone that so many people want, so why add in more tan?

6 Shy Away from Pinks

Shy Away from Pinks Remember how I mentioned that pinks are not exactly the best for blush? Well, for your eye makeup, you should steer away from the pinks and go with deeper browns, blues and maybe even some greens! Trust me ladies, this makeup tip for olive skin tones will really make your eyes pop!

7 Black Eyeliner & Mascara

Black Eyeliner & Mascara Another makeup tip for olive skin tones all revolves around your eyes. Black eyeliner, black mascara and even a bit of smoky eye action is all a great way to not only make your beautiful eyes pop, but also a great way to bring out that tan skin that you have!

8 Stick with Simple Lips

Stick with Simple Lips Finally, sticking with nude or even just glossed up lips is the best look for you chicas with beautiful olive skin tones! That way, you can let your skin really sing!

9 Emphasize the Eyes

Emphasize the Eyes We already mentioned black eyeliner and mascara, but that's not all! Look for brown, olive, bronze or silver eye shadows to really complement your skin tone and brighten your gorgeous eyes.

10 Warm up

Warm up Another foolproof makeup tip for olive skin tones is to choose warm colors. Olive-skinned ladies look gorgeous with warm shades of makeup like corals, peaches, light golden browns, rose gold and apricots.

11 Get Polished

Get Polished Since we're on the topic of makeup, I thought I'd include some really flattering nail shades into the mix, also. Olive-skinned beauties look great in neutrals on the face and the same goes for the fingertips. Try wearing polishes in colors like opaque nude pink, gold and dark burgundy to name a few.

12 Oil-free Sunscreen

Oil-free Sunscreen Although this is coming in at the bottom of the list, sunscreen should be a priority for all skin tones! Many people with olive skin tones skip foundation since they have even, clear complexions. If you're one of those lucky people, don't forget to apply sunscreen before you do the rest of your makeup to avoid sun damage.

13 Brow Beating

Brow Beating Lastly, you'll want to emphasize your eyebrows. Don't skip this step since the eyebrows frame and open up your beautiful eyes. Use a brow pencil or powder that's a shade lighter than your eyebrows to fill in the area and use a spoolie to even it all out.

So girls, what do you think? Do you have any other makeup tips for olive skin tones out there? Share 'em with me! I'd love to hear some more makeup tips for olive skin tones!

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