8 Sexy, Red Lipsticks ...

Vintage, modern, classy, chic, all these popular styles have at least one thing in common – sexy, red lipsticks! Our favorite celebrities love them, we love them, fashion critics love them… So what are you waiting for? Pick the shade that looks good on you and let those sexy, lush, red lips steal the show! Not sure what shade of red is the perfect one for you? Well, stay tuned as I’m about to list 8 totally different but equally glam, sexy, red lipsticks:

1. Lipstick Queen Red Saint

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Price: 18.00 at barneys.com
The first on my list of sexy, red lipsticks is this gorgeous Lipstick Queen in a nice, subtle shade of red that goes by the name of Red Saint. A bit too bright and orangey for my taste but, hey, that doesn’t mean it won’t look great on somebody else. Some of the Hollywood’s most popular babes enjoy wearing this particular shade of red, so, if they can do it – why can’t you?

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