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Video Guide on the Perfect Smoky Eye for Valentine's Day ...

By Carly

Want to learn how to do a smoky eye for Valentine's Day?
When it comes to makeup, and eye makeup, in particular, there has always been one technique and look that gets the better of many fashion and beauty lovers across the world, and that is the sexy smoky eye! It is something that looks so effortless and simple when applied correctly, and so raccoon-like and blotchy when applied incorrectly. You definitely don’t want to be looking like a raccoon on Valentine’s Day!

Many makeup styles come and go in terms of what is hot and what is not, but it would be fair to say that the smoky eye is something that has been popular for generations and will continue to be just as popular for generations to come. Its place at the top of the makeup and beauty world doesn’t look like being challenged anytime soon, so if you are still one of the many who has yet to find a way to achieve the look, then what better moment than just in time for your big Valentine’s Day date on February 14th?

There is something effortlessly sexy about a perfectly executed smoky eye, and the great thing is that it compliments pretty much any type of outfit, leaving you with all of your favourite fashion options for date night. A smoky eye really can transform a look from plain pretty to sultry and sexy, so check out this awesome tutorial for how to do a smoky eye for Valentine's Day.

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