Pro Video on How to Go Bold with Your Makeup on Valentine's Day ...

By Carly

Want to learn how to go bold with your makeup on Valentine's Day? In years past, the overwhelming trend for Valentine’s Day date nights has been to go for something sexy, classy and demure, but if you like to add a little more life and attitude to your makeup looks, then you will be glad to hear that Valentine’s Day 2018 is all about being as bold with your beauty as possible!

Gone are the days of a subtle pastel lip and slight blush. It’s time to let your inner superstar out and try some really spectacular, much bolder looks for your next big date night. Luckily for you, I have just the thing to help guide you through mastering such a bold look.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that bold makeup looks are reserved only for a certain type of woman, one filled with sass and super confidence. Whether you are naturally shy or your comfort zone is more suited to a less extravagant beauty style, bold makeup is for everyone, and can be really transformative in terms of your own confidence and your aesthetic!

If there is one day in the year where you should be taking a risk or experimenting with your usual beauty routine, then why not make it Valentine’s Day? It is unlike any other day in the calendar when it comes to romance, so your makeup deserves something fresh and exciting. Take a look at this easy but effective tutorial for how to go bold with your makeup on Valentine's Day.

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