How to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous in Your Matte Makeup ...


Matte makeup is having a moment right now, which means you can find it at nearly any drugstore or makeup counter. If you’re leery of giving the trend a try, you don’t have to be. It can be daunting to try something that you’ve always thought was strange. After all, isn’t makeup supposed to be bright and shiny? Sure, but it can also be matte. Want to see if it works for you? Here are some tips to help you master the art of using matte makeup.

1. You Have to Moisturize Really Well

Shimmery makeup can cover up a lot of skin issues, but matte cosmetics typically enhance them. For example, dry skin is only going to look worse when you put matte makeup on it. That being said, you can get around this by doing some mega moisturizing before you use the matte products. You may even want to use a face oil underneath too. The makeup should soak up the excess oil without making you look too shiny or too dry.

Don’t Choose a Cheek Product with Minerals
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