7 Independent Makeup Brands You Must Try ...


7 Independent Makeup Brands You Must Try ...
7 Independent Makeup Brands You Must Try ...

Independent Makeup Brands offer great products that are usually less expensive than those found at a cosmetics counter. Many independent makeup brands offer colors and shades that are alternative or difficult to find. Adding independent makeup brands to your makeup bag will save you money and help diversify your makeup looks!

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Lime Crime

One of the Independent Makeup Brands that tops my list and is one of my all-time favorite brands is definitely Lime Crime! They offer stunning and unusual colors of lipsticks and eyeshadows that you won't find anywhere else for an affordable price. All of the products are richly pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. Lime Crime also has a fabulous eyeshadow primer. Apply it underneath any eyeshadow to make the color more vibrant and longer lasting.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, also known as OCC, is most known for their Lip Tars. Lip Tars go on easy like a gloss, but look like a lipstick so you’re getting the best of both worlds! In addition to Lip Tars, OCC offers a full line of affordable cosmetics and has become a very successful independent makeup brand. They offer bright and beautiful makeup shades appropriate for every occasion.



My favorite thing about Sugarpill Cosmetics is their fun and flirty false eyelashes that come in a variety of styles for only $8 each! This independent makeup brand also has 4 color eyeshadow palettes in stunning shades. Their white eyeshadow is considered to be the brightest, most opaque white eyeshadow on the market by many makeup artists. Check out their Facebook page too, they post photos of their fans wearing their products every day!



This independent makeup brand offers mineral-based products for a gorgeous natural look. Mirabella sells pre-packaged makeup kits, in addition to individually sold items, that pair shades that look great to complete your entire makeup look. They offer a full range of products including primers, foundations, powders, eye and lip colors, liners, mascara, and brushes. Mirabella products are only sold on their website or in select salons.



Inglot Cosmetics is an independently owned franchise that was started by a chemist in Poland, and is quickly becoming a big name in the cosmetics industry. Independent makeup brands that offers cosmetics for both the face and body can be hard to find. Its sleek packaging and rich product colors make Inglot products covetable. With eyeshadows priced at a low $7.20, you’ll get a better quality product while spending less money than you will if you purchase certain drugstore brands.



This independent makeup brand offers a range of high quality makeup products. Their tagline , “Makeup for your Alter Ego”, describes their vivid colors accurately. Use Illamasqua to create a colorful, unique look or choose some of their more neutral shades for a more natural look. Illamasqua offers products for every personality!



Kryolan may be primarily known as a theatrical makeup brand, but they actually have products for everyday use as well. They have eye, lip, and face makeup as well as a skin care line in addition to their professional line of special effects makeup. This high quality independent makeup brand is a favorite among makeup artists, and would be a great addition to your makeup kit at home!

Independent makeup brands will add variety to your makeup kit helping you to step away from the norm! What is your favorite independent makeup brand? Have you tried products from any of the companies listed here?

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Lime Crime, Sugarpill, and OCC!

Loveeee Lime Crime, Illamasqua, and OCC!

I couldn't agree more about the white (Taro) Sugarpill eye shadow. It is the only white I have found that goes on white and stays that way without turning into a shimmer. Amazing!

I love rain cosmetics. Born in Las Vegas!

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