Lipstick Basics for Girls That Are Beginners ...


I passionately love all makeup but I think lipstick is the most fun of all. There’re millions of colors and shades to choose from as well as different finishes. You can completely change your look just by the lipstick you choose. Let’s talk about choosing the lipstick that’s right for you and other tips you need when you’re beginning to wear lipstick.

1. Consider Your Skin Tone

Consider Your Skin Tone

Before you go lipstick shopping, take some time to look at your skin tone. Some shades of lipstick look better on light skin while others look better on medium or dark skin. You also want to think about what color of lipstick would work well with your hair and eye color. If you’re completely clueless, no worries! Look at some celebrities that share your skin tone, hair and eye color for inspiration to see what lipstick looks good on them.

Build Your Lipstick Collection
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