7 Liquid Eyeliners ...

A fantastic liquid eyeliner is a real makeup bag staple. While it takes a little practice to get the application just right, once you’ve managed to perfect the technique, that sultry cat’s eye look is never not a winner. Invariably, however, some products are a little better than others; some smudge, no matter how long you’ve allowed them to dry, some only go on in thick, aggressive lines, and some are just plain unwieldy to use. In order to help you to pick out the best one for you, I’ve compiles this handy list of 7 liquid eyeliners; enjoy!

1. The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner

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Price: $ 13.50 at thebodyshop-usa.com
This handy liner made by The Body Shop is a fab little product. Its felt tip applicator makes outlining your eyes very easy, and, as long as your eyelids are clean, you’ll find it’ll hold in place until you decide to wipe it off. It’s available in several natural shades, although you’ll find it most commonly in softer browns and taupes; these are a little less dramatic that the conventional black and make for easy day time wear.

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